These pages are under construction. I have very, very little knowledge of HTML so whatever I do regarding the changing/updating of this blog is akin to the "pull and pray" method. You've been warned

I wanted to start making pages on this blog to keep track of things, organize a bit, etc. I'm not a fashion blogger. I just happen to like fashion and have participated in Emery's fashion weeks and GGC's Good Wear Days which spawned some fashion posts and that inspired me to add a section to see how much of this I could explore. 

These are my concoctions. I'll update them periodically.

*Pencil pusher

* Like, totally to the maxi skirt!

* Old New

* Saturday Night Fever

* A poet walks into a bar...

* The show is about to begin.

* Inspired by She & Him

* Lazy days

* Mellow Yellow

* Black and white

* Fall in Tucson (you can't always get what you want...)

* Halloween

* Inspired by "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

* East kinda meets West

* Inspired by Almost Famous

* Inspired by "Girl, Interrupted"

* A dress and a smile

* To the burlesque show we go...

* That time I was a flapper...

* Inspired by "The Virgin Suicides"

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