Now, as far as fashion goes I may just be a girl playing a haphazard game of dress up, but is where the heart is. Music is for lovers and bakers and candlestick makers. Music is my I talk about it a lot, I listen to it a lot and I wax on and on about it (as you can tell). So here's its own page.

I started a segment called "_________ and Me" which was a recollection of the music that played a roll in my life. Certain bands, songs that accompanied me through adolescence and life in general.

Here are some of those recollections-

* The Pixies and Me

* The Shins and Me

* Interpol and Me

* Death Cab For Cutie and Me

* The Doors and Me

Those are the first in a, hopefully, long line of music memories to jot down.

And of course there's always the playlists I make and videos I post. I do a lot of those

Here's a few playlists-

* MEGA MIX!: Part One
* Valentine's Day
* The Favorites Prt. II
* The Favorites Prt. I
* Let's Go Surfing
* Fall Fixation
* Shadowboxing
* Desperately Seeking Devendra

AND! my Last FM radio station.

The music realm of my life is always changing yet always constant, so I'll try to keep this page as updated as possible.

Shine on you crazy diamonds...

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