Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stuff and stuff

I'm not in a huge writing mood. Well, I am but there is a part of me that I reserve for paper and select eyes. I'm a pretty big over share whore. I don't mind coming out with almost anything and everything on this blog, and you also have the liberty to ask me whatever you want (I've even added a Formspring link on my sidebar) and I'll respond very honestly. BUT...sometimes there are parts of my heart that are too tender or genuine for more than me to know them, a nakedness I can't really display for others. Maybe they'll make it out on here one day, but for now I incubate them in a journal, feed them and let them grow a bit. So while I work on those, I've decided to post another "Stuff and stuff" post (a cousin of the "Friday Fondue" posts I do).

Last Thursday or Friday (I'm never entirely sure of the dates of things anymore) I found an AMAZING blog. So amazing in fact that it inspired me to figure out and use my very first hyperlink. Yes people, what you've just seen here is the first hyperlink on Lullabies. Exciting and pretty damn sad as I should have known how to use it ages ago. Anwyay...GO FORTH! Marvel at her beauty and store and her playlists. They're absolutely perfect and I spent a few hours downloading a great deal of what she shared with us. I haven't been so excited over new music in a long, long time. Even Greg had a decent giggle over my schoolgirl-like exuberance and its leading me to bounce all over the house screaming "I FUCKING LOVE THIS STUFF!!! LOOK! LOOK! You'll never believe...LOOK!" I've been running of that high since then.

My favorites-

This makes me happy-

This makes me feel girly-

This reminds me of myself in high school-

This makes me super saucy (I REALLY can't get enough of this song)...although the video is a bit...weird.

This makes me miss Debra Harry for some reason (the vocals remind me of her and the excitement when she came on the scene back in the day).

This is too beautiful for words-

So thank you Bleubird Vintage for my new obsessions. You are my heroin.

Aside from music to my ears, I've found a few songs to my eyes-

I want to throw on some black tights and black boots with this so bad I can taste it.

This romper....there are no words.

I love this bag because it reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum's wallpaper

All my hair/style muses seem to be from the 60's...
Marianne Faithfull

Francoise Hardy

Jane Birkin

Any picture with a bull terrier is worth posting (I'm in love with them). Speaking of bull terriers, these salt and pepper shakers make me happy-

And that's all for the sensory overload.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a mad, mad, mad men world...

Well it finally happened. Mad Men premiered Sunday and I decided to blog about it.

I spent the majority of my Sunday counting down the hours. Every three hours I went off like a cuckoo clock- "EIGHT MORE HOURS! I wonder what Betty's story is looking like?"...."FIVE MORE HOURS until Joanie's sweet ass!"

"Guess what?"

It was kind of ridiculous, but I waited a long time damnit! And when the theme song came on and I perked up on the couch the verdict came in...


This is neither good nor bad. The show had changed and Greg and I sat there somewhat perplexed and at times mouths agape.

I seemed to have forgotten that the show would pick up a year later. And apparently a year makes ALL the difference.

*Spoilers if you haven't watched it yet*

The office is what initially struck me. Sterling/Cooper/Draper/Pryce moved offices and this one definitely got a touch of the mod. Total mod influence everywhere, and while it was exciting (Peggy's peacock print!) it was so different from the previous office that I feel like I missed some of the dialogue just by looking at all the new stuff they had going on. Peggy has a new hair-do, new clothes and a new more confident attitude. Pete is also oddly perky. Roger...well, he still has his one liners. Joan got her own office (which I was super happy over since she deserved it) too.
Other than aesthetic changes we are met with a different vibe. It's a bit darker despite the brighter decor. Draper seems to have been knocked slightly off his high horse due to the divorce and the struggle to situate a new company. I felt slightly sorry for him despite the fact that I've said all along "you reap what you sew and that Don Draper is gonna get his." We find Betty with her new husband, much to said new husband's family's dismay. What? Somebody doesn't like the perfect Betty?! I must admit, while I rooted for Betty in the 1st-3rd seasons she became even more of an ice queen this season. She's even more snappy with the children and she also seems to be out to shove whatever she can into Don's face. Living in the house that your ex bought with your NEW husband? Not very cool if you ask me.
Anyway, I think the ending impression I was left with was that the idealism of the 50's and early 60's is now a death rattle. These characters left us at their bottom and I think this season we're going to start seeing them rising from the ashes. Even if they still have some excess debris left on their lapels to dust off on the way.

I can't wait until next Sunday. What did you guys think?

Also, fun fact- after 2 years of Mad watching, Don Draper finally infiltrated dream land...and well...yes. I figured it was appropriate as Greg has a crush on Jacqueline from Real Housewives Of New Jersey. I get mine too Greg!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wake me up when Fall is here...

I've been stressed. Sure I don't show it that often. I'm the type of person that generally gives no warning of pain until it's crossed way beyond my threshold (a real pleasure for gynecologists and tattoo artists and husbands), but my threshold is being poked at.

Greg has been working...a lot. A couple days ago he worked from home all day sitting in our room doing reports while classical music blared from the computer speakers and coffee cups with brown crop circles staining the bottoms accumulated along our desk. My job was to keep Jack at bay. Which should be easy. But when you have a daddy's boy like Jack and a dad who isn't usually home during those hours you get a toddler who has to perpetually be reminded that "daddy can't play right now". Insert tantrum. And then try again. And then say "no". Insert tantrum. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I felt like and asshole all day. An asshole with a mounting migraine, withering patience and what I think is an ulcer forming although I'm not quite sure.

Along with seeing Greg work his ass off comes the constant reminder that I am not. The last few weeks have consisted of collecting handfuls of applications, filling them out until my writers bump blisters and then getting dolled up in 115 degree heat and dropping them back off. Hoping that I speak to a manager. Hoping that that manager is so smitten with me instead of my less than spectacular resume (I have a two year gap since I've stayed home with Jack) that they'll say "why not?!" Hoping for a bone to finally be thrown. Hell, I'll settle for a crumb at this point. And then when my phone remains silent, when the "we aren't hiring" is uttered, I hope that I have the wherewithal to do it all over again in two days.
And I hate it. I hate that for the last month "you don't have a job. you need a job. get a job." is all I've heard. A record I can't change because it's true, and it's driving me crazy. Making me feel worthless and inadequate and shameful.

Along with that my family is going through some more bullshit. My family perpetually goes through bullshit. It's really frustrating to be married to somebody who has what could be considered a perfect family (or as close to perfect as one can get) when I get phone calls saying-
"So and so is doing drugs again."
"So and so are fighting."
"So and so went and got a tattoo at some scumbags house like a fucking moron and now it looks infected. He's rebelling and I don't know what to do anymore."
"So and so got laid off."
"So and so died."

I'm so sick of dealing with crisis'. Of struggling despite the fact that we follow the rules, are good people, make efforts to better our lives and ones around us when they need help. Sick of seeing 20 year olds driving Bentleys while 40 year olds barely have enough money to pay their rent. Sick of watching the girl in front of me with the tits get a job despite not being able to tell the difference between "their" and "there." Sick of being invited to places I can't afford or parties I can't afford gifts too.


But at least I have Jack. And it finally rained. And the car is working. And the rent is paid. And there is food to cook. And love.

And love.
And love.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday and Sunday

I've neglected posting the last couple days. I've just been tired, stressed and on the go and by the time I would be ready to post the sweet, sweet allure of sleep seemed to wrap me around it's little finger. I'm a sucker for sleep. So I'll do a little catching up on outfits.

Friday- I did a "Breakfast At Tiffany's" theme. I definitely modified it a bit, a sort of Breakfast At Tiffany's meets the intense heat of a Tucson summer and thus has cultivated a bit of a "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" attitude.

Instead of Audrey's stunning diamond and pearl multi strand necklace, I had my own take on it built into the dress. And it was much cheaper.

And since she has full length gloves on, while I normally wouldn't wear those in my day to day, I figured I'd humor the theme and add some in the last couple pics for funsies.

Outfit details-
Dress- Urban Outfitters clearance rack (I got it for $20 down from about $50!)
Shoes- Target
Sunglasses- Buffalo Exchange
Gloves- Desert Vintage

And for Sunday we have-

Jack wanted in on the picture.

Outfit details-
Dress, shoes and belt- Buffalo
on Jack- Shirt and shoes- Target, Shorts- Grandma

If Outfit Numero Uno Was A Song-

(One of my most favorite songs ever).

If Outfit Numero Dos Was A Song-

This has been an awesome time and I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your comments and Emery for bringing this all together. Keep the AC on and the margaritas poured and the music loud.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday with a bullet...

I'm amazed I even posted an outfit today. To be honest I just wasn't feeling it (tired from the park, errands, dinner, etc) and by the time we took pictures it was far too evident. It's humid here (although not nearly as humid as some places I've been hearing of) and it just wears me the hell out. My skin gets oily, my hair gets greasy fast (greasy bangs are a major buzzkill) and it would be worth it all if our scheduled July monsoon season stopped teasing us like it has been for about the last two weeks and just FREAKIN' RAINED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! But enough about that...

I wasn't going for a theme here, unless you consider a half assed "east meets west" vibe a theme.
Tunic and shorts- Buffalo
Sandals- Ross
Necklace- Another gift from Greg's grandmother from another one of her travels, this one being China.

If This Outfit Were A Song-

If only for the "tea" in the lyrics and the fact that my hair is beginning to resemble Cobain's grunge tinged hair.

And since I've been so bleh this post I figured I'd post something to lighten the mood. It did wonders for me after my appointment yesterday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Fashion- Wednesday

Today's outfit was inspired by one of my favorite movies- Almost Famous. Specifically, a certain Miss Penny Lane.

I actually bought this shirt because it reminded me of a scene from Almost Famous-

I needed to pick something fun and spunky for today as I just got back from my appointment to get my Paragard IUD replaced after the first unsuccessful attempt about 3 weeks ago. I'm also somewhat pleased to say that I hold the record for what my doctor called "the most difficult IUD placing she's ever experienced." Three or four attempts, a lot of wincing and biting down and viola. Anywho...
A little detail-

I decided these bangles were appropriate since Penny wanted to go to Morocco. Greg's grandmother found them in India and brought them back for me. They aren't Moroccan but we can pretend they are.

The buttons that run down the blouse are probably my favorite part of it. I love fabric eyelet closures...despite the fact that they can be a pain in the ass in large quantities.
Outfit Details-
Shirt- Buffalo
Tank- Hanes
Shorts- Buffalo
Boots (that have and will be frequently seen as they are my favorite)- Buffalo
Bangles- Gifted
Necklaces- Same as yesterday

And last night I got a few pics of Preen's 3rd Birthday bash. I arrived very early. But I relished the uncrowded time I got to spend taking pictures of the store.

Inside, looking at the entrance.

The belles of the ball, vintage queens and all around lovely gals Emilie and Erin.

Happy Birthday Preen and Congrats to Emilie and Erin!

If This Outfit Were A Song-

How could I not?

*Also, I apologize for the crappy low res outfit pics, my camera just wasn't cooperating today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Fashion- Tuesday, Interrupted

I hadn't really thought of a theme until I put on my clothes today. I was going for a simple look and I have a longstanding addiction to stripes, but when I pulled everything together it became a little bit more clear.

Tuesday's Theme- "Girl, Interrupted"

Perhaps it's the impending monsoon season, the fact that there has been a perpetual overcast and Tusonan bones are aching for some rain, it draws me to a somewhat non-summery palette and perhaps a couple American Spirits tonight as I celebrate Preen's (a lovely vintage and alteration store run by a couple of dynamic ladies who I'd like to get some pictures of tonight to put on here) 3rd Birthday downtown.

Outfit details-
Shirt- Target
Vest- Ross
Shorts & Shoes- Buffalo Exchange
Purse- Desert Vintage
Necklaces- beaded one from Target, locket was thrifted

Accessory Detail-

This is one of my most loved and prized possessions. It was my grandfather's half of a matching set he and my grandmother shared for a long time (they're still alive and are a couple of my most favorite people in the world). My aunt has the other half. I feel very blessed to have been given this ring.

I found this awesome early 60's circa purse at a vintage shop downtown and I fell in love immediately. It holds so much and is very sturdy and structured. I feel like it wouldn't be out of place on the set of Mad Men, which makes me love it even more. I have dubbed her "Joanie" as a result.
If This Outfit Were A Song-

On another note, Jack wears-

Hat- Greg's old Indiana Jones costume.
Cape- A souvenir from Six Flags, where I was unknowingly pregnant with Jack at the time.
Ukulele- Ixtapa, Mexico
Utter Craziness- My genes.

If Jack's Outfit Were A Song-

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Fashion Week- Day 1

So here we are again! I think I may do an "Inspired By..." theme again because it really helped me pull outfits together.

Here's Monday's outfit-

I apologize in advance for my general sullenness in photos. I'm not a huge "smiler". Maybe it's the moody Swede gene, I'm not sure. So I took the next one to compensate.

Outfit details (as if there is really a need for this section seeing as how I get almost my entire wardrobe at Buffalo Exchange.)-

Dress and Shoes- Buffalo Exchange (See.)

If This Outfit Were A Song-