Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a mad, mad, mad men world...

Well it finally happened. Mad Men premiered Sunday and I decided to blog about it.

I spent the majority of my Sunday counting down the hours. Every three hours I went off like a cuckoo clock- "EIGHT MORE HOURS! I wonder what Betty's story is looking like?"...."FIVE MORE HOURS until Joanie's sweet ass!"

"Guess what?"

It was kind of ridiculous, but I waited a long time damnit! And when the theme song came on and I perked up on the couch the verdict came in...


This is neither good nor bad. The show had changed and Greg and I sat there somewhat perplexed and at times mouths agape.

I seemed to have forgotten that the show would pick up a year later. And apparently a year makes ALL the difference.

*Spoilers if you haven't watched it yet*

The office is what initially struck me. Sterling/Cooper/Draper/Pryce moved offices and this one definitely got a touch of the mod. Total mod influence everywhere, and while it was exciting (Peggy's peacock print!) it was so different from the previous office that I feel like I missed some of the dialogue just by looking at all the new stuff they had going on. Peggy has a new hair-do, new clothes and a new more confident attitude. Pete is also oddly perky. Roger...well, he still has his one liners. Joan got her own office (which I was super happy over since she deserved it) too.
Other than aesthetic changes we are met with a different vibe. It's a bit darker despite the brighter decor. Draper seems to have been knocked slightly off his high horse due to the divorce and the struggle to situate a new company. I felt slightly sorry for him despite the fact that I've said all along "you reap what you sew and that Don Draper is gonna get his." We find Betty with her new husband, much to said new husband's family's dismay. What? Somebody doesn't like the perfect Betty?! I must admit, while I rooted for Betty in the 1st-3rd seasons she became even more of an ice queen this season. She's even more snappy with the children and she also seems to be out to shove whatever she can into Don's face. Living in the house that your ex bought with your NEW husband? Not very cool if you ask me.
Anyway, I think the ending impression I was left with was that the idealism of the 50's and early 60's is now a death rattle. These characters left us at their bottom and I think this season we're going to start seeing them rising from the ashes. Even if they still have some excess debris left on their lapels to dust off on the way.

I can't wait until next Sunday. What did you guys think?

Also, fun fact- after 2 years of Mad watching, Don Draper finally infiltrated dream land...and well...yes. I figured it was appropriate as Greg has a crush on Jacqueline from Real Housewives Of New Jersey. I get mine too Greg!

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