Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stuff and stuff

I'm not in a huge writing mood. Well, I am but there is a part of me that I reserve for paper and select eyes. I'm a pretty big over share whore. I don't mind coming out with almost anything and everything on this blog, and you also have the liberty to ask me whatever you want (I've even added a Formspring link on my sidebar) and I'll respond very honestly. BUT...sometimes there are parts of my heart that are too tender or genuine for more than me to know them, a nakedness I can't really display for others. Maybe they'll make it out on here one day, but for now I incubate them in a journal, feed them and let them grow a bit. So while I work on those, I've decided to post another "Stuff and stuff" post (a cousin of the "Friday Fondue" posts I do).

Last Thursday or Friday (I'm never entirely sure of the dates of things anymore) I found an AMAZING blog. So amazing in fact that it inspired me to figure out and use my very first hyperlink. Yes people, what you've just seen here is the first hyperlink on Lullabies. Exciting and pretty damn sad as I should have known how to use it ages ago. Anwyay...GO FORTH! Marvel at her beauty and store and her playlists. They're absolutely perfect and I spent a few hours downloading a great deal of what she shared with us. I haven't been so excited over new music in a long, long time. Even Greg had a decent giggle over my schoolgirl-like exuberance and its leading me to bounce all over the house screaming "I FUCKING LOVE THIS STUFF!!! LOOK! LOOK! You'll never believe...LOOK!" I've been running of that high since then.

My favorites-

This makes me happy-

This makes me feel girly-

This reminds me of myself in high school-

This makes me super saucy (I REALLY can't get enough of this song)...although the video is a bit...weird.

This makes me miss Debra Harry for some reason (the vocals remind me of her and the excitement when she came on the scene back in the day).

This is too beautiful for words-

So thank you Bleubird Vintage for my new obsessions. You are my heroin.

Aside from music to my ears, I've found a few songs to my eyes-

I want to throw on some black tights and black boots with this so bad I can taste it.

This romper....there are no words.

I love this bag because it reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum's wallpaper

All my hair/style muses seem to be from the 60's...
Marianne Faithfull

Francoise Hardy

Jane Birkin

Any picture with a bull terrier is worth posting (I'm in love with them). Speaking of bull terriers, these salt and pepper shakers make me happy-

And that's all for the sensory overload.


Molly said...

I guess it's weird as a "follower" to encourage you to keep stuff private... but I think it's so important to do that! I applaud you for keeping somethings for just you.

On another important note, I'm in love with that Romper! Headed to follow your hyperlink now :)

Amanda said...

Thank you. I'm glad people can appreciate the need for privacy in some aspects of life. I feel like I put myself out there for anybody with this blog, and I enjoy it very much, but I'll always desire a tiny sense of anonymity in some tiny aspect of my life.

Hope you enjoyed the hyperlink!