Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Years

Since I'm somewhat tired and hungover after cyber bowling last night with the lovely Black Cherries, I haven't found the words to properly say what I want to right now. So I'll leave this instead-

Happy Anniversary love! Here's to many more crazy- "Life Aquatic"-watching-Rolling Stones-listening-Sonoran Dog-eating-Jack-loving-sitting-inside-like-hermits-and- chuckling years together!

P.S.- Abowmchickabawmbawm...oh yeah.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things I've Been Coveting...

like REALLY bad. Damn you Etsy for being my crackcocaineherioncaffeine-

Art for me walls.

Coffee mugs to help me feed my addiction.

Coffee scented candles for the withdrawals.

Cool mirrors. Not because I'm vain but for the fact that they make small spaces seem bigger...and because maybe I am a little vain. But I don't think that song is about me...

Old books.

Old suitcases for closet storage. I'd use them to store my negligee and scarves.

Art for Jack's walls. I also think "Where the Wild Things Are" could not be a more perfect fit for this child o' mine at the moment. And have you seen the trailer for the new movie??!! Get on it. I dare you not to well up with tears of nostalgia and beauty.

Ramones finger puppets. Need I say more? We can mix 'em in with the ones Greg's parents got us in Peru. The Ramones meet the llamas and Peruvian children!

These "Alice in Wonderland" keepsake boxes. I'm not quite sure of what sakes they can keep in my house, but maybe I'd find a position for them in my bathroom for make-up and whatnot.

Panda bears for Jack. He loves them! Although I don't know if I want to push his beloved "Panda BearBear" to the back burner.

I've been wanting a vintage-type bird cage like this for awhile now. I'm torn between wanting to refurbish one for a light fixture or put shelves in it for a sweet hanging medicine cabinet.

I think I just about orgasmed when I saw these. My heart still flutters every time I see them.

Ugh...Where are you Publisher's Clearing House?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Babysitting Preen

Last Friday I got to man the shop for the lovely Emilie and Erin.

I ate a wonderful dinner of spinach and cheddar quiche, a garden salad and fresh strawberries.

"Ziggy played guitar"...and had awesome boots.

1. (of birds) to clean or trim (feathers) with the beak
2. to smarten (oneself) carefully
3. preen oneself (often foll. by on)to be self-satisfied [Middle English preinen]


Frames, dresses and plumes...

I just thought that was a cool album cover.

This is the suitcase I'd take with me to travel through Europe. It would start empty and fill up with treasure.

Part of my payment. Haven't decided what frame will hold it's splendor, all I know is that it makes me sublimely happy.

If you want to visit Emilie and Erin's love child, stop by 272 E. Congress, for you locals. Or maybe www.etsy.com/preentucson, for those of you not surrounded by saguaro.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In bullet points and pictures...

I haven't been blogging too much lately because well, it's been TOO MUCH lately. Between this house buying crap, planning and polishing my first burlesque show, being a mother to a toddler who seems to be getting faster and more inquisitive everyday, and now job hunting, I haven't really found the time nor the words to really type anything of value or interest. But I don't like leaving my blog stagnant for too long so here I am. I decided I'd use bullet points since that's the only way I really get anything done these days.

* We're waiting in the stress building limbo that is closing on a house (or condo in our case). Being that it's a short sale, we're jumping through all of these hoops even though the bank has the final say. They can either reject our offer, accept our offer, foreclose the house or put the house up for auction (this is how I understand it to be anyway since real estate isn't really my forte). We want/need to be out of the house we're renting by the end of the summer, and suddenly those deadlines are creeping in on each other and everything feels clasterphobic. I loathe this house buying crap. LOATHE it. So much stress and strain, if we get this place we'll probably live in it until retirement or possibly until death because as god is my witness, I'm not doing this again unless it's for a REALLY good reason.

*We tried adopting a puppy. We brought Sid home on Saturday and promptly returned him to his previous owners Monday afternoon. This was a huge blow to me, as most people know I've been chomping at the bit for a Bull Terrier for quite some time now. We found Sid on Craigslist who was a Bull Terrier/Pit Bull mix for free so we jumped at the offer. Well it seems owning a puppy in my head and owning a puppy in real life are two different things entirely. Needless to say I wasn't prepared for the stress of training a puppy AND raising a toddler at the same time. Nor were we ready financially (we could have *squeezed* him in our budget, but if something bad happened that would entail a huge vet bill, we'd be fucked which isn't something you want to be when taking on a mortgage). So I bucked up, kissed my naivety goodbye and sent Sid back home. I was crushed, not because of the puppy, but because I realized I can't do it all. I have my limits and they aren't of Wonder Woman magnitude. I couldn't do burlesque, and raise Jack, get a job AND give this puppy a happy life without drastically compromising the quality of all those things.

"I want to be the girl with the most cake..."

*The whole burlesque thing is going well. I fall more and more in love with it every time I make another piece to my costume or cultivate my character. The women I'm in the troupe with are so wonderful, and for once I feel comfortable in a group of women which, if you know me, has not been an easy feat up until now. It's amazing how much confidence it has given me and how much more ease I feel in my own skin and character. It's been priceless.

*Jack is growing and amazing me more and more. He's so fun to be around and brings so much light into our lives it's complete insanity! I find myself almost punch drunk around him. Nuzzling his sun kissed cheeks, reading him books, squeezing him until he's like "damn, ease up lady!" I can't help but look at him in wonderment and think "holy shit, I really made him!" The finest masterpiece ever.

Here's some pics since I ran out of what I was going to type-

I was trying to be creative.

Sid, the puppy that wasn't.