Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tales From The Crib*

Colleen and I have polished off about three glasses each of the $9 champagne I purchased yesterday along with two giant Cup O' Noodles, a bunch of bananas, strawberries and pain relief pads. It was one of the most pathetic conveyor belt displays I've assembled in awhile.
We had watched two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and decided we needed something either crazy (something off of Bravo) or informative. We chose the middle ground of both options and decided on Taboo- Strange Love.
In this particular Taboo episode odd couples were showcased and among them a couple of dudes who's companions were silicon human-like dolls. And neither of them were Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl so naturally, we laughed. But what struck me in Colleen's observation was that ON TOP of both dudes being completely weird and obviously using these dolls as a sexual outlet due to the fact that they couldn't cultivate normal relationships with real women due to a myriad of social and mental bugaboos, she found it imperative to point out-

"And he can't apply her makeup for shit!"

Those poor, sad, silicone fucking men just can't get a break.

But she was right. Girls eyeshadow was beat.

* I may just start posting periodically on things around the house. Sharing a living space with two pretty cool, pretty funny people can lead to some stories.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo Challenge- Days 9-10

Day 9- Routine-

Wake up, drink enough coffee to kill a small rodent, check my internet haunts.

Attempt to make myself presentable.

Put some clothes on my person.


Day 10- Childhood-

I'd take a picture of day 11 (where you sleep), but I'm too lazy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Challenge- Days 7&8 + Music Monday

Day 7-Favorite-

I wasn't really sure of what to post as my "favorite". There's quite a few ways to go with that. Favorite band (I can't play favorites in that realm)? Color (depends on the context- sweaters? mustard. Interior paint? turquoise. Most fun to say? chartreuse.)? Person (Jack, but since I figured I'd be posting plenty of him I gave the kid a break.)?

So my favorite jellybeans? Pear and buttered popcorn. Apparently I'm alone in this and apparently I'm "a weirdo" for mixing them together in a flavor combo that Jelly Belly won't even mix in the Mix Suggestions on the back of the box. If they DID put it on there the flavor combo would probably be called "The Bitch, You Crazy".

Also, I discovered my new favorite salad dressing-

This dressing. Dear sweet baby Jesus. I have upped my veggie intake tenfold due to dipping them in this dressing. Cucumbers dipped in it? Heaven.

Day 8- Your sky-

AND for Music Monday this week, a song I think is very lovely and that I may or may not have cried to. Twice.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Where The Wild Things Were

Yesterday I brought you to a familiar place.

I put you in a bear onsie because it was cold outside and I liked the idea of a tiny human masquerading as a fierce beast. You crawled all over; boy of the great outdoors you've always been. Ready to spring forth and sharpen your claws on the world. Endlessly fascinated with everything around you. You are an explorer.

It gets harder for me to look back these days. To try and focus in on moments gone, memories that seem like houses in a dream that I just can't let myself back into, too afraid of what I'll find if I unlock the door.

We played in the leaves like we did before, you laughed like you did before. And, oddly enough, I didn't feel that usual ache of nostalgia. I think I've finally let go of it all, realized that it's better here, now. Living in the moment instead of trying to sneak peeks back into windows with the curtains drawn. It is easier to live this way, to seek out new adventures and make new memories. To be explorers.

We are beasts masquerading as tiny humans.

Photo Challenge- Day 6- Makes You Smile

There are quite a few things that make me smile-

Postcards that remind me to do what I love...

Cheerful Christmas gifts...

Music, my headphones, and the world they create...

The sparkly vintage clutch I held under my arm to ring in a new year...

Jack pretending to be Zoolander during lunch...

Dressing Stella up like a babushka...

"In old country we no have hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly litter."

It's the little things.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo Challenge- Day 5- Something You Wore

It is January in Tucson and today was one of the most lovely days I've had in awhile. Generally I'm more partial to overcasts and sweater weather (I AM only happy when it rains) but today we Tucsonans got a balmy 75 degree day with perfect skies and I adored it. Jack and I walked around our Main Gate Square all day, lunched on pizza, went to a candy store, fed chickadees pita bread and just lingered.

(I need smiling lessons ASAP)

Ricotta, chicken and jalapeno pizza and a cold glass of hard cider= one happy lunch.

I wore a dress from Buffalo Exchange, a boater's hat from Target, shoes from Urban Outfitters and locket I thrifted years ago and wear pretty regularly. But I wore something I didn't pull out of my closet...

Contentment. Happiness. I haven't been as content and happy as I was today in a long time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Man Style Porn

So it's Wednesday night. Jack has finally passed out after a day of errand running and frozen yogurt ingesting (I've been going through a hardcore frozen yogurt phase. I have a stamp card. That tenth cup free will be mine. And soon.). I've had a Red Bull for some inexplicable reason (or the only reason being I saw it in my fridge and said "fuck it, I love me some wings!"). I'm in a good place. And then I got on my favorite outlet for time suckage- Pinterest, typed in "dapper" and, well- you're welcome ladies...

You're welcome...

I need to take a cold shower and get back to what I was originally doing- waiting for the 5th season of Mad Men.

Photo Challenge- Day 4

When I first looked at the list of subjects to be captured during the Photo Challenge, the first thought that went through my head was "cool!" And then the second thought was "what the fuck is a letterbox? Is it a more British way of saying 'mailbox'? Is it something that design heavy blogs know about, because in that case I'm screwed."

Turns out a letterbox is kind of a fancier way of saying "widescreen". If I were to use letterbox in a sentence it would be-

"Ugh, this damn movie is in LETTERBOX format?!"

I think it's also a method used in photography but since I use my phone as my camera lately I just got all jealous over proper cameras and my lack thereof and said "whatever, I'm just gonna pick out a movie still in widescreen, errr, LETTERBOX format and post it."

So here's A Couple Movie Stills I Picked Out On Pinterest To Knock This Category Of The Photo Challenge Out-

The Royal Tenenbaums holds a special place in my heart, but this scene is the most special from it. Now if you'll excuse me I need to listen to "Ruby Tuesday".

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo Challenge- Days 1-3

Me (hopeless at self-portraits)-


I've never been a big breakfast person. I know it's "the most important meal of the day", but it's always kind of made me tired after eating it. Then coffee came into my life.

Something I Adore-

My roommates sent me a goofy postcard while on vacation. In most roommate situations you (or they) can't wait until you (or they) have the house to yourself (themselves), but we've been in contact to the point where it feels like they haven't been gone at all.

Monday, January 2, 2012

But first! Music Monday!

This Monday's pick comes locally via mister Andrew Collberg. Collberg has been a local music fixture since seventeen (in fact, the first time I saw him was at the Red Room at our now closed Grill, when I was seventeen). Andrew plays every instrument one can fathom, is currently the go-to musician for about a dozen local bands and records in his bedroom studio. So it pleases me to post this video, knowing that he's come so far from being a seventeen year-old musical wunderkind who my ex-boyfriend got me to see by saying "he's kinda like Bob Dylan".

Kinda impressive Collberg, kinda impressive-

Andrew's site can be found here.

First Post Of 2012- First Challenge Underway

Given that my writing muscle is sprained at the moment, I figured I'd do this! The idea I found on Pinterest originated over at Fat Mum Slim, and it looks like a few other people are joining it too. Are you?

So it turns out I'm a day behind but I'll catch up and if I miss a day or two I'll post all the photos together (today I need two). Hope to see yours!