Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tales From The Crib*

Colleen and I have polished off about three glasses each of the $9 champagne I purchased yesterday along with two giant Cup O' Noodles, a bunch of bananas, strawberries and pain relief pads. It was one of the most pathetic conveyor belt displays I've assembled in awhile.
We had watched two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and decided we needed something either crazy (something off of Bravo) or informative. We chose the middle ground of both options and decided on Taboo- Strange Love.
In this particular Taboo episode odd couples were showcased and among them a couple of dudes who's companions were silicon human-like dolls. And neither of them were Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl so naturally, we laughed. But what struck me in Colleen's observation was that ON TOP of both dudes being completely weird and obviously using these dolls as a sexual outlet due to the fact that they couldn't cultivate normal relationships with real women due to a myriad of social and mental bugaboos, she found it imperative to point out-

"And he can't apply her makeup for shit!"

Those poor, sad, silicone fucking men just can't get a break.

But she was right. Girls eyeshadow was beat.

* I may just start posting periodically on things around the house. Sharing a living space with two pretty cool, pretty funny people can lead to some stories.

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