Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Challenge- Days 7&8 + Music Monday

Day 7-Favorite-

I wasn't really sure of what to post as my "favorite". There's quite a few ways to go with that. Favorite band (I can't play favorites in that realm)? Color (depends on the context- sweaters? mustard. Interior paint? turquoise. Most fun to say? chartreuse.)? Person (Jack, but since I figured I'd be posting plenty of him I gave the kid a break.)?

So my favorite jellybeans? Pear and buttered popcorn. Apparently I'm alone in this and apparently I'm "a weirdo" for mixing them together in a flavor combo that Jelly Belly won't even mix in the Mix Suggestions on the back of the box. If they DID put it on there the flavor combo would probably be called "The Bitch, You Crazy".

Also, I discovered my new favorite salad dressing-

This dressing. Dear sweet baby Jesus. I have upped my veggie intake tenfold due to dipping them in this dressing. Cucumbers dipped in it? Heaven.

Day 8- Your sky-

AND for Music Monday this week, a song I think is very lovely and that I may or may not have cried to. Twice.

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