Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday and Sunday

I've neglected posting the last couple days. I've just been tired, stressed and on the go and by the time I would be ready to post the sweet, sweet allure of sleep seemed to wrap me around it's little finger. I'm a sucker for sleep. So I'll do a little catching up on outfits.

Friday- I did a "Breakfast At Tiffany's" theme. I definitely modified it a bit, a sort of Breakfast At Tiffany's meets the intense heat of a Tucson summer and thus has cultivated a bit of a "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" attitude.

Instead of Audrey's stunning diamond and pearl multi strand necklace, I had my own take on it built into the dress. And it was much cheaper.

And since she has full length gloves on, while I normally wouldn't wear those in my day to day, I figured I'd humor the theme and add some in the last couple pics for funsies.

Outfit details-
Dress- Urban Outfitters clearance rack (I got it for $20 down from about $50!)
Shoes- Target
Sunglasses- Buffalo Exchange
Gloves- Desert Vintage

And for Sunday we have-

Jack wanted in on the picture.

Outfit details-
Dress, shoes and belt- Buffalo
on Jack- Shirt and shoes- Target, Shorts- Grandma

If Outfit Numero Uno Was A Song-

(One of my most favorite songs ever).

If Outfit Numero Dos Was A Song-

This has been an awesome time and I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your comments and Emery for bringing this all together. Keep the AC on and the margaritas poured and the music loud.


Awesome Alicia said...

you look absolutely gorgeous in your sunday outfit - not that you don't in your friday outfit either - it's just the red in the dress really plays well with the red in your hair and add in the shoes and you look damn hot! ha. I love it. & I love jack's smile. aw. I miss that little guy.

Rachael said...

Wow. Just wow. You are so fashionable! That pearl-shirt is AH-MAZING. Just like you! Thanks for posting this week.

Charlotte said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired outfit was rockin! You channeled some good vibes.

E said...

I really, really love the Sunday outfit. But both are fabulous! You're smokin'.

Maggie May said...

love you in your Sunday best.

Paige said...

You have ah-mazing legs! Seriously, you in that red dress... you could stop traffic.

Amanda said...

Thank you all for your comments this week. As much fun as it was looking at and posting outfits, the best part of all this has been the commentary to and from each other. I wish I could leave you all a zillion positive comments every day. I'm so glad Emery does these Fashion Weeks, I'm hoping a Fall one is in the works.

Chelsea said...

Dang girl. both of those dresses are fab. you're just a gorgeous little mama!

Molly said...

Is it lame to admit that I kinda wish gloves were still around - fashion wise? Those long black gloves look so cool on you and the beading on that dress is phenomenal. Way to find it on sale! Woo Hoo

Amanda said...

Not at all! I always stumble upon dainty little gloves (I love all lengths) at the vintage shops around here and I always fawn over them but it's so hot here I wonder if it's worth it.

I think they need to make a comeback. Same with hats!