Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Fashion- Tuesday, Interrupted

I hadn't really thought of a theme until I put on my clothes today. I was going for a simple look and I have a longstanding addiction to stripes, but when I pulled everything together it became a little bit more clear.

Tuesday's Theme- "Girl, Interrupted"

Perhaps it's the impending monsoon season, the fact that there has been a perpetual overcast and Tusonan bones are aching for some rain, it draws me to a somewhat non-summery palette and perhaps a couple American Spirits tonight as I celebrate Preen's (a lovely vintage and alteration store run by a couple of dynamic ladies who I'd like to get some pictures of tonight to put on here) 3rd Birthday downtown.

Outfit details-
Shirt- Target
Vest- Ross
Shorts & Shoes- Buffalo Exchange
Purse- Desert Vintage
Necklaces- beaded one from Target, locket was thrifted

Accessory Detail-

This is one of my most loved and prized possessions. It was my grandfather's half of a matching set he and my grandmother shared for a long time (they're still alive and are a couple of my most favorite people in the world). My aunt has the other half. I feel very blessed to have been given this ring.

I found this awesome early 60's circa purse at a vintage shop downtown and I fell in love immediately. It holds so much and is very sturdy and structured. I feel like it wouldn't be out of place on the set of Mad Men, which makes me love it even more. I have dubbed her "Joanie" as a result.
If This Outfit Were A Song-

On another note, Jack wears-

Hat- Greg's old Indiana Jones costume.
Cape- A souvenir from Six Flags, where I was unknowingly pregnant with Jack at the time.
Ukulele- Ixtapa, Mexico
Utter Craziness- My genes.

If Jack's Outfit Were A Song-

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Emery Jo said...

i love how you make fashion so FUN. You are so creative and I love the outfits you put together! I am really loving the ring & bag... pieces with history and heart!

Rachael said...

Your hair, your ring, you in stripes.... all are so fabulous!

Chelsea said...

Jack is such a little stud muffin. love him in his outfit. i like that you put songs with your outfits. that's really genius. i look forward to seeing what you'll put together each day! you've got such style girl!


Chelsea said...

OMG, THAT NICO song seriously makes me think of Wes Anderson. Which movie is that in? The Royal Tennenbaums? Omg. Love this song.

Amanda said...

The Royal Tennenbaums. The scene where Margot gets off the bus to meet Richie. It has to be one of my favorite scenes in movie history, I have a picture of it framed in one of those collage type frames in my bedroom. That whole movie just...ugh, Wes Anderson can do no wrong. He breaks my heart in best kind of way. And his soundtracks are always awesome!

Molly said...

I kinda love "Joanie". And the fact that you've named her makes her that more wonderful.