Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I Wore

Yesterday was pretty insane. I had to be up at 5 am for work and got home around 5 pm. If I wasn't tired enough I had to get Jack through the nighttime routine and off to bed. It was also yesterday that I realized it was about that time of month again (or every other month)- Black Cherry Burlesque was having a show! My friend Colleen and I go to every one to support our friends and make friendly with a couple cocktails. The Surly Wench Pub is one of my favorite bars/venues in Tucson. The women that own it have gone through great lengths to make it comfortable for it's patrons by keeping assholes out and good food, service and amazing burlesque shows in. Ever go to a bar and get aggravated or even harassed by a drunken moron? That has NEVER happened to me there. I plan on adding it to a feature I've been meaning to do forever of my favorite places in Tucson. Soon. Soon. Soon. Anyway, here's what I wore-

Skirt/shoes/bangle- Buffalo Exchange
Shirt- Target

If This Outfit Were A Song-


Eva said...

you're gorg!

wonderchris said...

That new hair of yours is incredible! You look amazing!

Chelsea said...

love the outfit!
love the hair!
you look super-duper hot!

Jules said...

your hair looks absolutely lovely. I'm regretting my choice to go back to blonde now!