Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fashion- Day 6, or 5 if you're a slacker like me

I skipped yesterday's fashion post. Just wasn't feeling up to posing or choosing something and instead opted for lounging and playing "Scene It" with the family.
Fun Fact- I will OWN anybodies ass on Scene It. But I still suck at bowling...

On to today's outfit- I dressed for the memo I got. It read something like this-

Dear Tucson folk,
Guess what? NO FALL FOR YOU TODAY! Enjoy the 81 and up temps today bitches!

Always (disappointing),
Mother Nature

So that's why I look a bit more "summery" than I'd like.

Outfit details-
Shirt, plaid blouse and shorts- Buffalo Exchange
Beret- Target, as seen in last post.
Sandals- Sam Edelman, found at TJ Maxx
bracelets- All gifted, beaded one was made for me by a friend (on left arm), the bangles are from India via Greg's grandmother's travels and the metal peace bracelet is via my MIL.

If This Outfit Were A Song-

Happy Hallows Eve to all! I may or may not post something truly outrageous for tomorrow, but it'll take some balls and the ability to fit into something I couldn't last week, so we'll see! Stay tuned...


Chelsea said...

the plaid shirt over the printed shirt is very grudge of you. You look super cute.

E said...

I love those sandals!

Baby in Broad said...

Rawr. For real. You're a hottie. (And I say that as non-creepily as possible.)

KristinChaos said...

You were definitely channeling your inner 90s grunge today, it looks good on you!

Lil Muse Lily said...

you are rockin!!! love the third pic.