Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fashion '10- Monday

As I mentioned in my last post I took Monday's outfit inspiration from "The Virgin Suicides". So here's my take on Cecilia Lisbon-

"Cecilia was wearing, as usual, the wedding dress with the shorn hem. The dress was vintage 1920's. It had sequins in the bust she didn't fill out, and someone, either Cecilia herself or the owner of the used clothing store, had cut off the bottom of the dress with a jagged stroke so that it ended above Cecilia's chafed knees. She sat on a barstool, staring into her punch glass, and the shapeless bag of a dress fell over her. She had colored her lips with red crayon, which gave her face a deranged harlot look, but she acted as though no one were there."

I took a lot of pleasure in today's outfit, as I happen to be wearing my own wedding dress. And how often does one get to wear their wedding dress again, in public?

Outfit Details-
Dress- A gift from my mother-in-law.
Sandals- Urban Outfitters (also worn at my wedding reception).
Bangles- A gift from Greg's grandmother from her travel to India.
Belt- Buffalo Exchange


Chelsea Robbins said...

i'd love to do a photo shoot using that dress.

you look super comfy, sexy, cute!

Christina said...

Wow. Gorgeous outfit.

Sarah said...

What a fun idea to tie it to a movie! And I love that it's your wedding dress :) Super cute.

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies! I definitely had fun with this shoot.

Billi London-Gray said...

Beautiful! And very well shot.