Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday- Needle In The Hay

My second outfit was inspired by Elliott Smith. I've been listening to him a lot lately after not really having listened since I was a disaffected youth. When I think of him and his music I couldn't help but pull out comfort clothing. As I result I feel I look kind of like a Seattle transplant, one in need of some serious coffee (I got up early so Greg could snap a few pictures which left me no time for makeup). Perhaps tights and a dress next time.

Outfit Deets-

Flannel shirt- Ross
Mustard shirt- Target
Tank- Husband
Jeans- Target
Shoes- Bought my Junior year of high school with money from my first minimum wage job. These shoes have been through a lot.
Beanie- Buffalo Exchange


Chelsea Robbins said...


I love wearing my husbands shirts with a belt around them and some hole-ey jeans with a hat! Such a great outfit.

Tiffany Ann said...

LOVE! What a great outfit and the hat is fabulous!

LauraES said...

I beyond love the way you set up your looks with your inspiration.

jilian dee said...

such a great inspiration!

Rachael said...

I love the idea of having a set inspiration for an outfit and you've pulled it off so well. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! I'm really enjoying the whole process and finding pleasure and use in my wardrobe when I thought it was "impractical" (I also buy things based on what I'm inspired by at the moment). I can't wait to do more!