Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GGC's Good Wear Days prt- 3(?)

Outfit Details-
Tunic blouse thing that makes me feel like a poet in a bar- Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters (remixed)
Velvet-like leggings- Target (these have become my new go-to for mixing things up, I love them)
Boots (ad nauseum)- Buffalo Exchange (ad nauseum)

This was the only picture I got that was semi-passable. Greg was deeply entranced in his Fallout: New Vegas game, or as I like to call it "the other woman", and the look on my face that came across was along the lines of "man, I wish anything made me as excited as fictitious alien and outlaw slaughtering makes you"...oh wait...there is something-

And this!

So I guess there are things...

In all honesty I really posted a picture of Ryan Gosling and a piece of tiramisu to detract from the fact that I only got one picture.

And not because I'm guilty of thinking about those things often.

No..definitely not for that reason.


infemity said...

haha. my hubs can't understand why i'm taking pics of myself for my blog. just shakes his head :D
cute outfit & funny post!

Eva said...

love that little vest thingy, so shakespeare

Chelsea said...

You're cute. period. super cute actually.

and ahem, ryan's hot. super hot actually.

Awesome Alicia said...

I love the tunic with the itty bitty vest. super cure.

ryan is a cutie. I remember him from mickey mouse club. (vaguely of course since I was really young...) :)

flyrish said...

I like the idea of velvet leggings. Cute outfit!

I'll take some RG and tiramisu, too. Yum.

Insanity said...

oh my. I'd love to taste that Tiramisu! Looks so freaking good.