Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

Last night I decided to embark on a night of good ol' fashioned 4th Avenue merriment. Bands play at almost every bar/venue (saw about 3 or 4 last night) and drinks are cheap (we Tucsonans are spoiled by our bars). Naturally, I had to get dressed-

Outfit Details (as if they matter)
Dress- Buffalo Exchange from a million years ago.
Cardigan- Target
My, my, my, my, my boogie shoes- Jeffery Campbell
Necklaces- Cost Plus World Market & thrifted locket that I wear out the yang
Purse- Vintage via Desert Vintage

It had been awhile since I did one of these outfit posts so I figured "why not".

I'm incredibly tired. In fact! Here's a picture of Jack doing in impersonation of me this morning-

It was a good night.


beca said...

where did you eat?
I miss bison soup bowls.
I miss them so much!

beca said...

oh, oops. i thought it said 'Good old fashioned food night" haha. but, I still miss bison...

Chelsea said...

what a cute outfit! Love those shoes!

AND Jack cracks me up!

Amanda said...

@beca- I didn't eat while I was out, unfortunately. I would've totally eaten at Bison though (still on the 30 Day Dare, so it may have been a problem)! I used to eat at Bison after school when it would rain. One of my favorite places to chow down.

@Chelsea- Thank you! And he tends to elicit a chuckle....when he's not bringing upon mama trauma.

No Model Lady said...

I love this outfit!! So sweet! said...

Hah, "3 or 4 bands..." ALREADY a jaded hipster show-goer! :P

Amanda said...

@Tucson- I learned from the best! Booyah! And if you call me a hipster again I'm gonna take a straight shot, right to the babymaker.