Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Day Dare- 10/30

3 Car Pile Up At 9 AM

And an outfit (yes, I got lazy and figured an outfit could count!)

I have a few posts I've had in mind all week. Among them-
* A letter to my future daughter (whether I have one or not).
*Jack is being a total asshole. So much so that I resorted to calling a 2 3/4 year old an asshole.

And I'm trying to write more poetry. So there's that.

Once I get a few moments of both peace and adequate sleep/inspiration I'll be posting those.


Mrs. Beer said...

Confession: I referred to my 2 year old as an asshole in a text to a friend last week... went something like this: "Yeah, let's go to your house instead because Avery has been a fucking asshole at the park lately" I feel ya.

Althea said...

Also confession: I have referred to my son as a 'fuckin little BITCH/asshole'
Not to his face, of course. But behind his back. Like a mommy SHOULD.
You are awesome, and if I am ever in your hood or you are in mine, let's get together and have drinks.
Without any little assholes.

Amanda said...

I love my readers! I'm so glad I can go off on Jack's lame ass antics and have people that get it.

@Althea- Totally! Come to Tucson and I'll find you the best cocktails and we'll make a fort out of couch cushions and put a paper sign out that says "No Assholes Allowed".

Chelsea said...

Love the outfit chica.