Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 Day Dare 8/30

Eating apples and watching music videos, the usual morning routine.

I meant to post this awhile ago- Sean Lennon and me, Congress 1/21. Somehow I managed to talk to the members of his band after the show and became instantly enamored with his girlfriend, I mean, c'mon-

I tried to not let my burgeoning girl crush feelings get in the way of talking about accordions and hats and haunted hotels. Afterwards a drunk chick I'd never met before came up and introduced herself to me. I think she thought I was with the band so I just smiled and played along. Vodka makes me really friendly that way.


Chelsea said...

I saw an interview of the of them in a magazine a few months ago. they're a gorgeous couple.

*she looks a lot like you. ;)

Chelsea said...

ps, jack is a handsome devil.

Mrs. Beer said...

I wish I could pull off a cheetah print hat and a fur scarf and not look clinically insane. Lucky bitch

Amanda said...

Haha! Right?! On any other person it would look like eau de bag lady!

signorina g. said...

I had the pleasure to meet sean lennon and his girlfriend years ago in venice and my friend and I were shocked by the incredibly shallow conversation we over heard while yoko ono was giving a speech. but then again i might really hate her for her incredibly smooth long legs, more than anything :)