Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hi, my brain has short circuited.

It seems like when I become really productive with one thing, ten other just as important things go unchecked. I need to check up on those other things. I have much to update and write about, but right now I need to finish a couple projects and tie some loose ends. So, instead of a post, here are my favorite posts I've written thus far.

Let's do the time warp!

*Jack gets sick, I question my motherly instincts.
* Jack turns one, my heart breaks into a million pieces...and then we have cake!
*The Virgin Suicides strikes a chord.
* Vodka after bedtime.
*I <3 Pixies.
* My thoughts on breastfeeding.
* The moment I knew he was MY son (if I had any doubts after the whole carrying him in my body for 9 months and general DNA match).
*Fun with gynecology! Now with more embarrassing moments action!
* "Babies" tricks me into thinking what I want most of all is a womb full of fetus.
* My thoughts on abortion.
* Somebody has a moment of 90's nostalgia...
*Pre-play date jitters.
* Jack dances to Lady Gaga (NOT MY DOING!) and I get a hernia from laughing.
*On losing my religion.
* My friend Tyler graduates college, I feel like a proud mama (despite him being two years older than me).
*Fighting a losing battle...with naps.
* Welcome to Arizona, here's some sunscreen and a water bottle.
*Love in a time of melancholy.
* And finally...what it's like to be happy.

Read at your own risk! I have some laundry calling my name...


wonderchris said...

Great post of old posts! :)

Have a good rest of your Tuesday! Oh, and how is it February already?!?! Yikes.

Chelsea said...

you're hilarious girl.

*Conrad loves lady gaga too. I don't get it.