Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nap time Wars

Jack has pretty much severed naps out of our lives. I say "our lives" because those naps were my happy hour. A time to do chores peacefully and without worry that I'd trip on one of the many land mines (hot wheels cars) he plants or have to stop every 10 seconds to assist/serve/play/scold/teach him . A time for a shower or blogging or catching up with people. Night time is usually a time to catch up with the husband and try to connect but nap time is MY jam.

Until it wasn't.

I can't say I still don't try. I do, but it's all in vain. Lets take a look at the decline of naps (and my sanity) in the Martin household-

Exhibit 1-

2/25/2010- The Stuffed Animal Revolts

Exhibit 2-

12/03/2010- The WTF Incident
* Somehow he managed to pull that toy out of his closet and up on to his bed while I was ironing, without me hearing a damn thing until he started pressing the buttons and having it make its noises.

Exhibit 3-

12/14/2010- The Peaceful Protests

So naps are pretty much finito and early bed times (the kid has been pretty willingly going down at 7 lately) have taken their place. How do you like them apples Jack?! You won the battle little dude, but you lost the war.


Maggie May said...

i remember that so well with Lola. mourning the nap!

allsortsofawesome said...

Lizzie still takes a nap, but she's cut back from two to one and even that change knocked me off-kilter (we spent a couple of weeks where I'd doggedly fight to get her to sleep, generally losing the battle and frustrating both myself and her). I don't look forward to the day when she loses naps completely!

(btw--love your style; you have a really excellent and compelling voice in your writing)