Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Fondue

When I drink out of my favorite coffee mug that holds the equivalent of 3 normal coffee mugs worth of caffeine and peruse the internet weird things can happen. This is why I've created Friday Fondue, it's a way to get stuff that I've collected on my computer out there so I can delete it later (maybe).

So, here are some lurvely things I found on in my favorites section of my overflowing bookmark folder.

A top at Anthro who's price tag makes me weep inside.
The PERFECT holiday party dress.
A dress similar to one I have, but makes me want it anyway.
A mobile for a future baby Martin (maybe...we've decided if we have another boy his name will be Vincent though...that's a start).
I heart mod dresses. Although I need to work on my back combing to achieve perfect 60's hair.
If somebody got me this I'd forever be their slave.
This skirt is waaaaaay to cute for its own good.
I'm going to recreate this look ASAP.
Purdy necklace.
Remember that time I wrote about the Royal Tenenbaums? Well, I totes need this for my reading nook.
For my dining area (as if I needed to be reminded though, types the woman who guiltlessly ate a red velvet cupcake for breakfast).

And that's enough of that. Nothing interesting to write. I've been feeling pretty tired and if I'm not tired I'm actively getting tired with all the errands and shopping and bank account sabotage that the holidays tend to bring about. One more week. Then everything will finally ease up and we can relax. One more week. Think happy thoughts...


Chelsea said...

that red dress is gorgeous.

Anthro's prices really chap my ass sometimes. why? why does one top have to be as expensive as a car payment?

they're darling clothes though. this is true.

Amanda said...

I know! That top is half my rent! And I could probably find something *similar* to it at a vintage shop and just get it altered for a fraction of a fraction of what Anthro asks for. I love them but sometimes they're such a bummer in the pricing department.