Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Movies I Love- The Royal Tenenbaums

I had been a Wes Anderson fan for awhile but never fully let that fan flag soar until Greg and I got together. His favorite movie is The Life Aquatic and by the time we had Jack, our Anderson movie collection was in full swing and being new parents with a baby and no social life to speak of we spent a lot of nights at home watching movies. Like all good movies it took awhile for Tenenbaums to fully bewitch me (this was the same scenario with "Lost In Translation"). I like movies that you find layers in. Little nuances that you only notice after watching it 2, 6, 25 times. By now I've peeled back all (maybe) the layers and it hit me the last time I watched it. I knew why I loved it so much. I knew what it was like to have an estranged father whom you don't quite trust enough to let in. I knew how it felt to be secretive and fucked up. How dysfunction is sometimes the only function to operate within and the resentments built up because of that.

And I always cry at this scene-

If you haven't seen it (although I don't know anybody that hasn't and I'm being highly unoriginal in even writing about The Royal Tenenbaums on my blog) I highly recommend it (Anderson also always has amazing soundtracks to his films, another reason why I love them).


Althea said...

I cry at that part too.
Every. Single. Time.

That relationship is so beautiful and fragile. Makes me all melty every time.

Chelsea said...

One of my all time favs.

flyrish said...

Great movie. Love me some Wes Anderson, too.