Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Burlesque Debut

Well, it had been a long time coming. My BFF/mentor/burlesque co-pilot Pisa Cake (also known as Colleen, who you have read about here and there before as my roommate) finally pushed me out of the box I had been stuck in for so long and got me to realize one of my goals. She produced a fundraiser for a local animal rescue which involved my getting to work with a few other amazingly lovely ladies (and one very saucy gentleman) to put on a little teaser of burlesque acts. So not only did I get to realize my goal, but I overcame my shyness AND helped raise money to a cause near and dear to my heart. It was a magical night.

   I have posted this video on my Facebook page since a lot of friends and family knew I was doing this and had wanted to see the footage; the culmination of all their support and kindness with a hobby that sometimes gets it's fair share of judgement (we ARE taking our clothes off after all). But I also thought it necessary to post it here. Because I have written before about mothers and body image and societal roles. Because as much as I have feared my post-baby body it has also made me who I am. Because I SHOULD'T fear my post-baby body and neither should YOU yours. Because I'm proud of myself.

So here you have it, my burlesque debut.

(unfortunately, this video is NSFW)

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Althea said...

I commend your bravery and am sending over a shot of pricey hard liquor all the way from IL.
You're gorgeous and rock the fuck ON.