Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fondue

  It's been awhile since I've done one of these. I am certain that the sun and heat 'round these parts is sucking all my will to live and think, so posts like this will probably be making a comeback.

What have I been peepin' around the interwebs?

This would be cute in a kitchen or dining room.

Shoe lust in three (seriously, obsessed!), two, one...

I didn't even bother reading the "Mom Enough" piece in the Times (I don't involve myself in petty dialogue meant to pit mothers against each other when we should REALLY be focusing on support for each other, hippie-dippy as that sounds) BUT, this made me giggle.

Maggie writes about what is quickly becoming my favorite show on TV right now.

Gonna have to try this.

When it gets hotter around here it's sort of hard to enjoy eating (the last thing you want to do is feel heavy and stuffed while it's over 100 degrees out) and most of the people I know look for lighter, healthier options. These seem like a good idea for easy lunches.

Fellow Tucsonan, Sydney visited NY recently and the photos and fashion are lovely!

Kirstin Wiig was one of my favorite performers of SNL's more recent history. She brought back goofy and commitment to comedy. She wasn't afraid to throw herself into characters. She made my former drama geek with dreams of SNL proud. Add one of my favorite Rolling Stone's song and you have a farewell that made my roommates witness me cry on the couch like a dork.

And lastly, here's what's been making my ears tingle.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!

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