Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In other news...

Greg arrived to pick up Jack on an idle Sunday morning.

"Hey buddy!"
"He just ate lunch. Do you guys have anything planned today?"
"Nah, just hanging out..."

 And a smile sort of creeped across Greg's face. I knew this smile. It was the We Both Have News We're Not Telling Each Other smile.

"Sooo...in the near future, maybe, if you're comfortable with it, I'd like to meet Mr. Zack."
"Yes. Should I meet a Ms. Tristin?"
"We'll set something up soon."
"She's a great girl."
"I know. I trust your judgement."
"You'll like him."
"I'm happy. I'm happy you're happy."
"Me too."

 And just like that, we had moved on. And what could have turned into mutual feelings of being territorial over Jack, concerned or even jealousy, had not even risen. We were two adults wanting the best for our son and, finally, allowing ourselves to have what was best for us and being civil and respectful enough to share it, to WANT to share it with each other.

For the first time, in years, I have never been so happy. I can feel it in my bones. Not just for myself but for him. For Jack. For the future.

"My dearest friend, you'll soon begin to love again. To love again."


alicia said...

This just makes my heart happy. I'm so glad you both are being adults about something that can so easily turn into a constant cat fight. You both are amazing people & deserve to be happy.

Amanda said...

Thank you. I knew, in my heart, when we had made the decision to finally divorce that I had this in mind- that it would be painful at first, yes, as most things are, but that it would lead us into our new lives as happier, fulfilled people. Which is what we had wanted for each other.

Thank you for the support and kinds words. I heard the wedding was lovely, by the way ;)