Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instagram I Am

 So, like many bloggers I have been quite taken with Instagram. Being that I am sans an actual camera and am using solely my Droid Pro to capture moments, Instagram has lent a little bit of magic to an otherwise lame situation. And I have to admit- I'm sold. Done. I'm an Instaddict. Anyway, here's the happenings around these parts (warning- this is a pretty large photo dump)-


1. A favorite Bukowski poem.
2. Jack gets a sugar rush while we enjoy some margaritas during Cinco De Mayo which was spent in Bisbee this year (or as Jack calls it "Busy Bee").
3. I lust after shelves after pulling things out of storage.
4. I seem to have to trim my bangs fifty times a month lately.
5. An alley/park area in Bisbee.
6. Crafting a lot more now that I've been back in the burlesque swing. I'm even learning how to use a sewing machine!
7. Been missing our long afternoon walks. It's Spring, technically, but in Tucson it might as well be Summer. With temps hitting the hundreds (*takes sip of Arizona Green Tea*) it makes it hard to fully enjoy the outdoors.
8. City Hall, Tombstone, AZ.
9. We took a little day trip to Tombstone and Bisbee last month. It had been awhile since I had been to either and I needed a little getaway from Tucson to clear my mind. The last couple months have been pretty crazy- trying to find a job, putting on a burlesque show (post on that to come!), family in town (which was a great thing), planning more trips out of town (California in June, Seattle in November), etc. I was caught indulging in a cigarette (I know...I know) and letting my head exhale with the smoke.
10. Spring has brought out a little more color in my wardrobe and on my hands.
11. A great little vegan cafe, Poco, in Bisbee. Great food, lovely atmosphere (I could spend half the day in their patio) and, well, I can't wait to go back.
12. Jack on the patio at Poco, patiently waiting for his ONLY If You Eat ALL Of Your Lunch cupcake.
13. Two adorable vintage ceramic deer I thrifted in Bisbee. Their shops up there are to die for! So many treasures and so well priced!

And there you have it.

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