Friday, April 27, 2012

Amanda Sierra- A Brief History of Infinite Surliness

1988- Is born. Late.

 1989-1993- Spends a long time "workin' my craft". Motor skills are rocking, but are used mostly for dramatic drawings and talking to stray cats.

 1994- Little brother, Mitchell, is born. The older sister superiority sets in. Overfeeds the fish until they die sad, bloated deaths. TO PROVE A POINT.

 1995-1998- Integrates well in the school's always the quiet ones.

 1999- Buys first CD, it is Alanis Morissette. Bemoans men and their ways despite never having actually had a boyfriend.

 2000- Watches Daria a lot at night. Feels comforted.

 2002- Enters high school. Dyes hair black sophomore year. Develops crushes on musicians (takes a long time to recover from crushes on musicians).

 2004- Contemplates learning the bass. Because fuck diva ass lead singers. Fuck singing. Fuck voices. 

2006- Starts smoking frequently and replaces blood with oil from the tater-tots at Grill (RIP, *pours Dr. Pepper on ground, for ones homies*).

 2007- Goes Keroac on everybody's asses.

 2008- Has a son. Votes for Obama. Goes soft.

 2009-2011- Blogs a lot about going soft.

 2012- Watches Daria, eats a shitload of chili. Drinks a little more.

4 comments: said...

Lesley Gore, indeed. Bravo.

signorina g. said...

Oh my god, we spent 2000 doing the exact same thing. Also, I've recently started watching Daria again. Some things never get old.

Adriana said...

I think we might be soul mates

Mia said...

I started listening to Alanis Morissette before I'd ever had a boyfriend, too...maybe we knew already that men were going to be trouble