Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to the maxi pad

It had to happen eventually. A month ago my roommate Colleen and I jokingly told her boyfriend (my other roommate) that we'd sync up...period wise. And that, in effect, he. would. be. fuuuuucked.

And sure enough-

"You wanna know how I know it's happening? Because mine came a week early."

"Mine is pretty much on time."

"Mine is the submissive and your's is the dominant."

"You mean your period is "the bottom" and mine is "the giver"?

And then we laughed and bled in unison and danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.


Althea said...

Dude, when I was living with my mom (and three sisters), our periods would sync up and my mother would ALWAYS refer to me as the 'lead cow' because everyone would sync with mine.

Noelle {Aloud} said...

Hilarious! I love period humor!

I went to a women's college, and sometimes it seemed like the whole fourth floor was synched up.