Saturday, December 3, 2011

Phone Blogging (image heavy)

Usually when I get lazy on the blog I tend to compensate with taking pictures of stuff with my phone. I think it started as a sort of "oh, a picture is worth a thousand words. Surely this must inspire SOMETHING later!" But mostly it just turned into "meh, these are okay placeholders because I'm too fucking tired/laundry needs to be done/busting my ass/adapting. So here's some pictures because I'm tired/need to give myself a pedicure in a bad way/drinking wine and, you know, getting progressively into THAT.

Three times a day...

A Thanksgiving project Jack and Greg worked on. They had to make a turkey out of random things found at home. It appears they got good use out of their backyard (I particularly love the teeny twig legs).

Colleen made some mulled wine for our Thanksliving feast and it made the house smell amazing!

I try not to play favorites with the cats in the house because they're all sweet in their own ways, but Stella. STELLA! STELL-UHH-AAAAHH! Ohhh STELLA!...I'm sorry. Anyway, Stella sort of bewitches me the most. She is a little lovebug, hippie child, camera whore under a tabby coat. Sometimes she's capable of breaking a bad mood just by bumping her forehead to mine and purring which she seems to know how to do at the exact moment I need it. I love her.

Sometimes you just need some leftover Chinese food, hard cider and a beloved '80s movie.

Visiting a local bakery... pick up some cookies before decorating the Christmas tree (those little leaf shaped ones were pistachio flavored with a little chocolate in the middle and they were amazing).

We took a tour of some urban chicken coops in our area. Kinda cool to see people cultivating things naturally while still being in the heart of the city.

Jack showing off his chicken button he got before the tour (and my sunglasses which he pretty much made his own about six months ago. He kind of reminds of Kurt Cobain when he wears them.)

The red is almost all gone. Back to the brunette roots I go.


There is a light that never goes out...

Aaand now it's time for this-

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend (this is the first one I've had off in about oh...six, seven-ish months, courtesy of a very recent job change).

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Noelle {Aloud} said...

You are a brunette bombshell! Wow!

And, I have to say, I'm a big fan of "hodge podge" posts. Seeing those little snapshots of someone else's day is surprisingly fun and satisfying!