Friday, August 5, 2011

Lullabies to better recognize!

* The following post was NOT sponsored. Sometimes I just happen to come across things that I love and figure I'd pass it on.

I'm a girl who tends to think about a budget. I don't like sticker shock and I hate being wasteful so when I find something that works well and is also fairly cheap, I'm pretty much sold on it.

Ladies and hair conscious gents (?), I present to you-

Organix Anti-Breakage Serum

I need a trim. I dye, or I used to dye (currently letting the locks grow au natural), my hair. I blow dry and flat iron. Needless to say, sometimes my hair needs some TLC. Usually I'm skeptical of hair products, it tends to be trial and error for me but man, this stuff was FINALLY a win! I applied about a penny sized amount (although you could use even less, and I'd recommend doing so) to the mane while it was damp, blow dried and straightened and my hair was salon soft. Softest it's been in months in fact.

Another perk of the product- it's cruelty-free!

Hair improving, cruelty-free, yummy smelling? Get on this. I'm smitten!


wonderchris said...

Love their conditioner, while have to try this serum! Thanks for the recommendation.

wonderchris said...

Purchased the serum and love it!! So soft and smooth without feeling greasy at all.

The bottle is so teeny. :)

Katy said...

hmmmm.... looking into it! ;-)

Amanda said...

@wonderchris- Yay! I'm so glad it worked for you! Sometimes I'm afraid of posting recommendations due to the simple fact that people vary vastly and what may work for me may be horrid for someone else. It's such a fantastic product for being so easily available (found it on sale at Target) and not a fancy $30+ salon serum. I don't know what mt hair did without it.

@Katy- Do it! Hope you love it just as much!

Evie said...

Now I don't know what this product contains (just heard rumours) but the best for your hair would be using natural products.

I mean we daily put dangerous chemicals in our hairs, on our skins etc just because it makes it feel better for the moment. Often it just leaves a "shell" of false protection. (like sulphates, preservative stuff & coloring agents).

OK, long post.. The thing is: If you hair really needs rest from all that dying etc you should stop using shampoo and only use certain balsam when washing your hair. :} Plus there's other natural products or fruits which will battle dull hair & stuff :)

Usually these certain "clean" balsams are cheap too.

E. said...

lala, it's called conditioner**, not balsam. Meep, fail :) said...

Your Swede fails are safe here in this Mexi-Swede blog, Evie. However, you must denote that you've never dyed your hair. And what length is it currently? Girls with hairstylist friends cannot resist a free cut! Or, rather, it is pressured. Especially in the burlesque circles...Hah, I was going to say Boyz R us, and hey, my word verification is "imboy."

Yes, I'm boy.

E said...

Ajaj, I guess! Luckily :)

Yep, never dyed but this is used by those with dyed or toned hair just because it's so gentle (especially since dye is so harsh on the hair).

Another thing is that what we buy in the stores are in 95% stuffed with chemicals that can cause allergy with time and are cancerogenic. I dunno, do you want to increase your risk of having scalp-cancer, imboi? ;)

Jimmy, the hair length? How is that relevant here? Yep, mine is probably 50cm+ but NOT relevant.

Molly said...

Ooooo, thanks for the tip! I'll keep my eye out for it.

Jules said...

nice! I'll have to try some! My hair is crunchy, to say the least, from bleaching, and the flat iron, so I need all the help I can get :)