Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friday Fondue

I wish I were writing as much as I have "ideas to write down". By the end of the day sleep is my siren luring me to the bottom of the ocean. The lack of posts here has got me down, the lack of vegetarian strictness in my diet gives me guilt and I'm fairly certain my caffeine to water ratio is a bit out of balance. But I figure if I haven't completely broken down yet, something is working. So I'll work it for now.

In the meantime...links!

* Chelsea gave birth to a lovely little girl. Check her out and read her birth story here!
* Cool site for lunchbox ideas. I am allllll over this!
* Love, love, love!
* I'll never look at rogue cinder blocks as worthless again! I want to do this!
* Great post over at A Cup Of Jo on how to talk to little girls. I can't wait to try it!
* Want to make.
* I think this is my favorite maternity pic ever! It's so playful and doesn't scream just maternity.
* Dream loft.
* Tattoo lust! I've been wanting to get a Ferdinand the Bull tattoo for awhile. It was my favorite book as a kid and Ferdinand reminds me of Jack.
* Thanking about saving up and splurging on a pair of proper, classic flats (sick of replacing them every six months or so, quality over quantity!)- these two are the top contenders.
* This article cracked me up (although pretty much everything at This Recording tickles my fancy on the regular).

Music Of The Week

* "Foolin'" by Devendra Banhart (though probably NSFW, it still cures my road rage, funk moods...I also have a wicked crush on Devendra).
* "Oh My God" by Cults. Saw them at Congress last Saturday and it was one of the more fun shows I've been to so far this year (Fitz and the Tantrums would have been a good one but my getting nauseous and claustrophobic inhibited my good time) and singer Madeline Follin was a sweetheart. And...
* "Resolution Of One" by Guards...who opened for Cults and made me swoon like a teenager.
* "Zebra" by Beach House
* "Down Boy" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


flyrish said...

So happy for Chelsea and the incredible birth of her baby girl. Makes me more excited for our big day coming up soon.

Love the Cults! Sounds like a great show.

Amanda said...

I know! I'm just so happy all her hard work payed off for her. And a girl! I know she resisted finding out the sex and if that were me I'd be just so smitten/amazed/ecstatic (I love either sex, but I have a boy and would love a girl to sort of balance things out).

The Cults were amazing! I didn't know what exactly to expect. The house was packed, the humidity was intense, things could have turned a sour note, but they (and Guards) definitely made it all worthwhile.