Friday, June 10, 2011

Working Titles In My Memoir (if I were to actually write a memoir and...yeah, THIS WAS ALL I HAD GUYS!)

Chapter One- "Anybody Have A Light?"
Chapter Two- "It's Not Really Just A Dry Heat"
Chapter Three- "'He Said He'd Like You More If You Weren't Such A Spaz'"
Chapter Four- "How To Be An Honor Student And Feign Interest"
Chapter Five- "Middle School..."
Chapter Six- "That One Time I Spent Four Years Hating Life" -or- "High School..."
Chapter Seven- "So Tell Me How You Feel..."
Chapter Eight- "How To Stay A Virgin"
Chapter Nine- "So I'm Not A Virgin Anymore, Now What?"
Chapter Ten- "Sex, Drugs and Price Is Right Re-runs"
Chapter Eleven- "Divorce! Fun For The Whole Family!"
Chapter Twelve- "So Do We Hug Or Something?" -or- "How To Meet Your Future Spouse On Myspace"
Chapter Thirteen- "Living In Sin For Dummies"
Chapter Fourteen- "My Pee Can Predict The Future" (this would be when I found out I was pregnant with Jack)
Chapter Fifteen- "Yes, SIX hotdogs"
Chapter Sixteen- "The World Weighs 9lbs 5oz and is 21.5 Inches Long"
Chapter Seventeen- "His So-Called Wife"
Chapter Eighteen- "Twenty-one Going On Thirty-two"
Chapter Nineteen- "In Which I Would Sell My Soul For Eight Hours Of Sleep"
Chapter Twenty- "Figuring It Out...Kinda"

What would your chapters be?

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