Monday, April 25, 2011

Hair Muse

I finally accepted it- I need a haircut. I've been trying to grow out this mess of a mane for about three years now (getting it trimmed/touched up every six months or so) but it's reached a sad state. My ends are fried and I've dyed it far too much (been dying it red consistently for a couple years and since red fades out fast, I've been dying it a lot). But! I'm ready now. Cute bob here I come! My inspiration- Annie Monroe (of The Like).

Also, is The Like not the cutest/hot girl band you've ever seen?! I mean...c'mon-

This cut will likely spawn a vintage hat thrifting obsession and regular red lipstick wearing.


Dionne said...

Ah haircuts. So risky. I had a terrible cut once and cried for days. But yeah, split ends make it necessary for at least maintenance haircuts.

You should post pics of your bob when you can, I am sure it will look great!

signorina g. said...

I am a short haired fan of haircuts: it's good for the hair, it's good for the mind! I just got a short 60's bowl cut that also requires me to wear red lipstick on the daily and I love love love it.

alicia said...

at a first glance, I totally thought the first pic was a pic of you...seriously.

it's funny because as someone who is always cutting her hair I've actually been trying to grow it out lately and it's driving me crazy. but I needed a new look. again. ha.