Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On the birth of your daughter

Dearest friend/new father,
May you braid flowers in her hair and let her keep the strays she brings home, and she will bring them. Our hearts are made to take in the poor, stranded, sad. You will be amazed at how much so.
She will cry and scream and curse you. Stay there. Understand. Give her time.
She will have her heart broken. It will make her stronger if you give her the foundation in which to flourish.
She will have good days and bad days. Days where the tears stream for unknown reasons or for reasons all too obvious.
Let her wear a tutu to the dinner table, her favorite bathing suit in the bathtub. Let her dream the wildest dreams and don't forget your own.
Let her blow bubbles in her milk. Laugh with reckless abandon. Give her chocolate for no reason other than you're happy to see her face. You will be. Everyday.
She is made of you and the woman you love. Stardust and years of a tender love that radiates under the chests of millions. She is precious. She is love.

Congrats Rene and Megan. Welcome to the rest of your lives.


Jennifer said...

Wow I totally just burst into tears. I have a little girl (7 months) and this just made me so happy.

Althea said...

Haha, I just came on here to comment something like,

Looks as though I'm not the only one this affected deeply.