Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fondue- Stubborn Swede Edition

Now, not all Swedes are stubborn, I just used to hear my grandmother calling my grandfather "that stubborn Swede" enough times and it has been ingrained in my head. Plus, I also happen to be a tad stubborn, so maybe...?...I digress.
Anyway, I happen to love a good 'ol Swede/Scandinavian aesthetic. So I figured I'd share some of my favorite Swede related findings from the web.

I would love these dresses for my errand running.
Badass car for kids (albeit a tad pricey)
They will be mine...oh yes...they will be mine.
Funny and cute (and also my favorite candy for obvious reasons!).
Add this to the list of things "For My Future Daughter" (I'm losing my mind...seriously).
This too...
Prints (for the kitchen)! Prints (for the bedroom)! Prints (for the baby)!
A VEGAN Swedish Meatball recipe?! WHAAA?!? Although I won't hold it against you if you MUST have them the way grandma made 'em!
Swedish Street Style and some more...
Swedish girls who don't look Swedish (I feel this since I AM half Mexican after all...I got the dark hair and ability to tan (my mother burns), whereas my brother basically looks like a teenage Dolph Lundgren)

Some sweet Swede tunes-
"Can't Hurry Love"- The Concretes
"Young Folks"- Peter, Bjorn and & John
"Black and Blue"- Miike Snow
"Heaven's On Fire"- The Radio Dept.
"Our Own Pretty Ways"- First Aid Kit
"Play It For Today"- The Legends
"Hate To Say I Told You So"- The Hives
"Dancing Queen"- Abba (I HAD too!)

Now, the question remains- have you hugged a Swede today?

2 comments: said...

On Thursday I gave a plastic egg to a Hispanic woman who has 2 children she had with a Swede while living in Stockholm. Does that count? I'm sure there were hugs involved.

Amanda said...

Totally counts. And quit giving away all your plastic eggs. Nobody is gonna buy the bunny if all the plastic, jelly bean filled eggs are free. I keed.