Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage family photos prt. 2

My grandparents. Little did my grandmother know that one day she'd have a weirdo granddaughter coveting the dress she is being photographed in.

My grandpa duking it out with his brother. Apparently, this is how things were settled back in the day. Simpler times...

"This is grandpa right?!"
"Mmmhmmm, that was when he was dating Jennette, the French girl who took him on vacation to the French Riviera. He dated a Russian for awhile too, back when he was in the service."
"Damn, grandpa was like the United Nations."
"That crazy Swede."
"Don't hate the player grandma, hate the game."

My grandma, phonin' her bitches.

Goin' the chapel (pictured with her father)

My great-grandmother (in the gigantic bow) being all sassy.

My mom
And of course, a couple of your's truly as a very pudgy baby-


Bonnie @ This Young Mama said...

I love the first picture of your grandparents together. Your grandma is beautiful! My grandpa was a ladies man too :)

Althea said...

Dude...is it odd to hear that your kid looks JUST LIKE YOU?
Because methinks he do, woman, methinks he do.

Beautiful photos, I love old photographs. I have been scavenging them from my grandmother's house while I still can.
Your grandmothers dress is so covetable.

TucsonScene.com said...

This made me infinitely happy and will probably end up in lots of pics of old photo albums I have. Surprised how well your shots from that digital camera look, vs. doing a digital scan. And great captions! :)

P.S. "hauro" is my "word verification" word on this post. All I can think of is Kim Jong Il in Team America. "Herrro."