Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I was going to write a legit post on Valentine's Day, relationships, etc, but I quickly realized it was entering territory I'm not sure I have the wherewithal to handle at the moment. When it comes to the oft-debated holiday, I've always been one of those girls who’s a skeptic, I'd even venture to say “pessimist.” I tend to walk around all day in a Janeane Garofalo-esque manner, lamenting the commercialization of love and expectations, while simultaneously falling prey to those of my own. Every year I snicker at ring commercials that promise Undying Love in a princess cut and platinum setting. I point out the fact that flowers are merely plant genitals, and honestly, I've never been a huge fan of chocolate. So Valentine's Day, at least the one made around mall-based jewelry sales and rose-strewn paths, has never been my bag. But love, on the other hand...

Instead of being a hater this year, I'm forcing myself to see the light of this day and what it really means, stripped down to its core. It's OK to love. It's OK to tear down your own walls to let people in.

So this year I'm celebrating in a different way—I'm making everyone my Valentine. I'm making cards for my mother with Jack; looking at pictures of my grandparents when they were young and fearless; watching movies and laughing; and, above all else, letting the world in today. And since this blog—this tiny little section of my brain on display—has been so dear to me, since YOU, yes YOU loyal readers have been so dear to me, I've decided to make you a love-themed music mix.

Because deep down, I really am a hopeless, cheese-ball romantic. In a way all my own.

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Oh, and here are some of those pictures of my grandparents that made my heart punch drunk.-

And my own parents back in the 80's, when my mother's hair aspirations were questionable-

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


Mrs. Beer said...

Such a sweet post...! Love the old pictures of your family. Once my daughter stops having THE LONGEST TANTRUM OF ALL TIME (me commenting on your post is me "ignoring her") I will partake in loving things too...!

I love Valentine's Day. Maybe because I am obsessed with my husband? Hmm. Probably.

K. Avery is making me hold both of her hands at the same time sooooo gotta go! Happy V-Day loverpants said...

and then this:

Amanda said...

@ Mrs. Beer- Thanks love! I actually used to be very into Valentine's Day. I think people need to keep up the elementary tradition of dropping of v-day cards into little handmade mailboxes and getting jacked on candy. I do enjoy the fact that it makes me get creative though!

Hope you two had an awesome one!

@ Tucson- YESSS!! This needs to play at every bar on Valentine's Day, at last call.

Chelsea said...

I love V-day. I never really thought to much about it really. I know deep down that it's a holiday to make money and whatnot, but i still think it's fun. Maybe it's because we dont get involved in buying boxes of chocolates or already written hallmark cards-we usually write hand written ones. Which makes it so special and fun, which is why i tend to like v-day so much!

My mom used to always buy me something for v day and surprise me with it. Like a new shirt or something girly and fun like that-nothing cheesy like a teddy bear.

One year though, i think it would be fun to get surprised with a piece of jewelry-like in the commercials, but not all gay like the guys are in those commercials. they're so corny and lame.

Happy v-day. Loved the pictures and mix, as always! You have such great music taste!

Amanda said...

@Chelsea- I think it's fun in the way you describe it, by making it original, making it personal. If it's made special and unique, Valentine's Day can be a blast! My mom used to do the same thing! I remember one year she took my friend and I out from school (got permission from my friends parents and the school of course) and took us to the mall to get candy and she got us friendship bracelets and when I got home my dad had bought me roses and put them on my dresser. It was one of the best Valentine's ever. I hope I can do that one day for my daughter, or for Jack, in way that won't embarrass him haha!
Hope yours was a good one!