Thursday, March 31, 2011

We're All Mad (about Devendra) Here...

So I think by now it's no surprise that I'm totally in love with all things Devendra (music, looks, crazy hippie secular being vibe, music) Banhart. But my family digs him as well. Going through some old pics and video I cam across Jack dancing around in the kitchen to one of his favorite Banhart songs-


*Sorry this is sideways.
*I'd recommend turning it down. He has a pretty sharp screech at :13.
*He's screeching along to this-

(specifically the part at 2:39)


elisabeth said...

LOVE this!!!


Adriana said...

love this and love you! why you gotta live so far away? we could be mommy BFFs 4eva. said...

who wouldn't want that song to end???

Chelsea said...

jack = cuteness galore.