Monday, November 29, 2010

Waking up from my weekend

This weekend was probably one of the laziest I've experienced in the last 3 years or so. The most exhaustive of activities included grocery shopping, doing dishes and making more coffee. I took about 4 or 5 naps. 4-5 NAPS! If you love sleep as much as I do this is pretty much like getting all the doorbuster sales on Black Friday (which I napped through). Between the napping we ate, watched TV and Greg played video games. It was an exercise in sloth and gluttony and we won the gold. Needless to say this Monday hit me in the head like a cold bass. I think I'm just starting to get some feeling back in my brain and limbs, out of necessity only, and also with the assistance of the heater which hasn't been turned on since last winter and produced that awesome malfunctioning blow dryer smell that I secretly like a little too much (along with gasoline, plastic, leather and sulfur). So, since my brain is still waking up here are some things that tickled my fancy all weekend-

Dear Santa,
I've been a pretty decent girl as of late. I do the dishes and laundry (oh the dishes I do, Santa!) and I've managed to keep our pet human alive and well for another whole year! I know I haven't always been good with the upkeep of say, houseplants or my split ends, but I think those things should be disregarded for the fact that I'm a functioning and occasionally groomed mother. I'll accept any of the following as payment for my good deeds. And in turn I'll leave you cookies and cocktails so pleasant you'll give Rudolph a run for his money in the red nose department. Thank you.

1. This would be perfect for holding my Burt's Bees lip balm and i.d. for those nights out that I smuggle in between momming and writing inane blog posts.
2. This could jazz up my reading corner.
3. I'd be happy to sprain my ankle in these and I could pair these with some skinnies and my Sid Vicious accent!
4. A LBD for me?
5. And a cute rug because I'm starting to turn into a crazy rug lady.

Some articles- One that made me haha and one that made me say "hells yeah!".
I wonder if these people will let me move in with them?
For people who love music and charity and t-shirts (I'm eyeballing the TV On The Radio edition, for obvious reasons).

But act now and receive-

I've been listening to Devendra Banhart all weekend, almost nonstop. It's safe to say I've become obsessed. He is just all around amazing and makes me feel kinda funny...

I mean, how could this not?

So in the case that you haven't been turned on by this genius, here's some of my favorite Banhart jams from my weekend-

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Listen all the way through. You'll likely feel like a child with the soul of an 80 year old. That's how you know it's working.

That is all friends. This post is all scattered and wacky enough. As I mentioned earlier, the brain, it is still defrosting. What caught your sights this weekend? Eat anything particularly yummy? Hug anybody particularly tighter? My jeans did that to me. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and holiday. Here's to the next few weeks of ulcer creating holiday shopping, prepping, familial political debates and weight gain! Woot! December, I'm going to make you mine!

*This is the fourth time I've referenced Wayne's World this weekend. I watched it way too much as a kid.


Eva said...

i liked this playlist, thanks

Jessica said...

Amanda, this is great. I saw Devendra Banhart at The Old Brickhouse in Phoenix like years ago. He looked so different. He had long, long crazy man hair and a bushy beard and no shirt or shoes on and he was prancing around stage waving a giant sunflower. The best part, I think I was one of maybe 20 people in the room, max. It was awesome!

Amanda said...

@Eva- Glad you enjoyed!

@Jessica- Jealousy doesn't even fit this emotion that I'm facing after reading that! That's like a dream. I'm waiting eagerly for him to come to Tucson. Hopefully soon. I'll let you know and you can come down for some vino y Banhart (I'm also convinced that he is what downtown Tucson sounds like, how he looks, everything. I think that's what makes me love him so much. I feel like I've known or met him before)!

elb said...

I LOVE that dress. And I completely understand your rug fetish. I'm guilty of the same. And looking forward to listening to the playlist. :)

Anonymous said...

I slept a lot too! Now that this week is back in gear I don't wanna do anything. I'd rather lay in bed and sleep!

Love your blog by the way! I'm following you now as well!
Follow me too please ??!!

Marja <3

Jessica said...

@Amanda--coming to Tucson for vino and Banhart sounds really amazing! I know you're married happily but maybe we could also gush more about jewish boys with big noses??? :)

Amanda said...

@Jessica- I'm married, I'm not dead! Haha! The husband even knows of my full fledged crush on the Banhart and can't fault me. Even he knows he's worthy of it.

And I love me some Jewish boys!