Monday, March 7, 2011

Photo Dump (mmm sounds appetizing!)

My 30 Day Dare went MIA this month. When the computer crashed I stopped taking pictures because I couldn't upload them and I was waiting for the news of whether the pictures that were on the hardrive, the music, everything, could be recovered. If they couldn't-

But since they did...

So here you go-

The Jons at Che's Lounge (blurry yes, AWESOME music? YES!)

Cow friends I stumbled upon.

Minus one computer+cabin fever= list making madness. I somehow managed to make BLOGGING into a list. I started drinking whiskey with some bartender named Lloyd shortly after...

Jack getting cracked out on the biggest churro I've ever seen. Signs of a churro habit include sugar glazed smiling, saying "OH YEAH" a lot and then running in circles.

Since my mother-in-law knew I'd be home all day alone with Jack on my birthday she came by with some treats from AJ's (AKA- Purveyor Of Bomb Ass Confections!) and a gift card to Target!

From my book on the British Invasion.

My trinket catchall.

One of my favorite accessories.

The only person I allow to steal my blankets (Greg gets a cold foot on the thigh if he attempts such things).

The lovely Mrs. Sydney and myself at the Mod Foto Au-Go-Go party Saturday. You can read her blog here!

Dress- vintage via Preen
Tights- Target
Shoes- Famous Footwear (and the most comfortable heels for dancing if ever such a shoe existed!)

And there you have it. A lot of random pictures.


Mrs. Beer said...

Jack is ridiculously adorable!!!!!!!!

Althea said...

I heart your photo dump.

My kiddo will do the 'ooooyeah' from Despicable Me, but only while pantsless.
Because, you know...the purpose is for him to show me his ass....
Here's to sugar rushes...

Chelsea said...

Churros are amazing. I'd be smiling and have glazed over eyes too!

You look good girl.