Monday, March 21, 2011

Like A Boss

Today was a special day. Today I achieved the "because I said so" badge on my motherhood scouts sash.

Battle Of The Wills (2008)

At some point, after the tantrums, after you've bent over backwards to please, after you've been stepped on and dissed, you have to use your mom card.

"I am the boss of your life! Now get into this stupid car cart that I'm going to awkwardly push around the store and narrowly avoid wrecking displays of peanut butter"

Mama didn't raise no fool. But sometimes she has to raise her voice.


flyrish said...

Love it. I can't wait to wear that badge proudly. And perfect song choice.

Anonymous said...

I am so PROUD! :)

Melissa said...

If my nanny days are any indication..I fear I will be "because I said so"-ing quite a lot as a mother. Its miraculous you went 3 years without saying it! woo!

Chelsea said...

I hate hearing other mom's say "because I said so..." instead of explaining why they do or dont want them to do a certain thing. I've learned a lot from other mom's-good and bad, but all relevant to give me the building blocks to be a better parent.

Working on patience .