Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cut The Fat

I'm a big 'ol failure. My 30 Day Dare project went totally MIA and I've been beating myself up about it on the regular. But the truth is, it failed for a reason. It was stupid. It's kinda dumb for me to saddle myself with tasks that in the long run only merely amount to "hey, I did this for a month!" I took my perpetual need for change and turned it into a goal instead of a lifestyle. I lucked out in choosing going vegan for a month because it turned out to be truly enlightening and did actually effect me for the better, so it wasn't a complete bomb. But I sat down with my thinking cap and got to writing down what I feel will TRULY help me.

Cut The Fat: Ideas For The Betterment Of Your Shit

* Come up with a monthly meal plan. Don't be afraid to experiment.

* Put together fourteen outfits you LOVE. Mix and match, make them transitional, take pictures to remember if you have to. What's the point in wearing clothes you only feel lukewarm about? Donate the rest.

* Weed out the music on your Ipod/Itunes/whathaveyou. I collect A LOT of music and sometimes I do grow out of it, download random things without REALLY listening, etc. If it doesn't make me feel sublime or inspire me than it doesn't belong there anymore.

*Make more plans with people you can't live without/haven't seen in a long time/inspire or ground you.

*Read more books, less internet. Remember how that felt?

*Find new places for (cheap) thrills.

I can start on those first. And I'm playing for keeps, not just thirty days.

More to come...


Rashel said...

love this. like for realz.

Chelsea said...

:) I need to do all of the things you listed above also!