Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fondue

It seems like I'm always doing these, these days. The weekdays have been moving by fairly quickly and in between trying to go out and hone a hobby of writing about bands at night and being a mother by day, everything else has fallen a tad behind. It's making me slightly grouchy, so I apologize for all the fluffery that's been going down here lately. I need to take the oil can to my brain...

But! Here's Firday Fondue-

Prreettttyyy, preeeeeetttty, preetttty good.
These will make your uterus smile.
And I want to try this out. Yes, I'm legitimately obsessed with Pinterest.
If I ever have another child, this is in order!
This would be a funny coffee table read.
I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this site. After Jack goes to bed, if I'm not doing something I should have been doing long before Jack went to bed, I'm reading articles from there. Hilarious and thought provoking, I can't get enough of it.
I was also struck by the beauty in Rebecca's newest post.
Yes please!!
How'd you like one of these?!
Dream bed.
Adorable pad.
My prescription for a Sunday? Listen to this and make out with somebody you love.
YES! I need to meet this child's parents.

It's off to the park and Dexter catching up via Netflix, lazing about and hopefully not eating tooooo much. Have a happy weekend mah dears!


Molly said...

Sounds like you've got a fantastical weekend coming up.

Please don't apologize for posts like this! To me it's like having a friend with wonderful taste tell you exactly how to spend your limited time on the internet. Who doesn't LOVE a time saver like that?

Molly said...

Oh, and how perfect is that Alexa Chung outfit? Glasses and all? I. Want. That. Look.

alicia said...

adorable outfits.

p/s: I gave you the "cherry on top award" - (see the end of the post)

Juli said...

I love those little campers! I want one so badly. I just want to pack up my little family and drive off into the wilderness! Oh, and I'm disgusted with the amount of times in a day I seem to say "because I said so!"

Chelsea said...

that bed is amaZing.