Monday, January 10, 2011

Hate (and guns) Kills People

Saturday afternoon as I was cooking up the usual potatoes o' brien, I received a text of a disconcerting sort-

"Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at Safeway on Ina and Oracle."

I stopped cooking, why bother, my appetite had instantly vanished. I went to my computer and looked for the news, for more information on how, why, this had happened, and in my backyard no less.

I learned that a young male, a male my age, had went up to Giffords and shot her in the head, point blank. I learned that after that he went on to fire rounds off at random people, killing several and among them a nine year old girl. A girl who had nothing to do with the hate in this mans heart. A girl who had probably anticipated many more Saturday afternoons. I learned the male was mentally unbalanced and had likely acted on hate fueled by the mouths of people in the press, in politics that toss it around so casually.

I never learned WHY something like this would happen. WHY somebody would act out in such a way that would force the life out of others in an act of pure hatred. WHY we've become a nation that uses violent banter as a means of communication. WHY we've allowed guns in our grocery stores while we tie up our dogs outside.

My mind is still spinning. Still trying to catch up with information while trying to solve the unanswered questions. Trying to fathom even though the act has been done, the funeral arrangements made, the IV's and prayers of broken hearted Tucsonans doing their best to make sure Giffords can one day see how much we care for her, need her.

I'm scared for humanity. That's all I keep coming back to. I'm scared of the hate that has consumed so many for so little purpose. Should we all be watching our backs? Checking for monsters under our beds in a country that says it's free?

We aren't free. Not as long as things like this happen. Not as long as hateful rhetoric continues to infect and damage. Not when other peoples freedoms are taken away in mere moments, in violence.

I'm not a religious person but I find myself praying, lighting candles, hoping. Hoping. Hoping...

For Giffords. For the lives lost Saturday afternoon. And for all of us.


Chelsea said...

Gosh. I'm speechless and teary eyed. How sad.

There's a show about worlds craziest things or something where a man goes on a shooting spree in a mall and an off duty cop who had his gun shot that mother f'er down to the ground and it's people like that who are heros in my eyes. I have a love hate relationship with guns. A friend of mine carries a little gun in her purse at all times and there was one time in a parking lot that she told a guy who was standing infront of her door not letting her get in her car, she told him he'd better move and she reached for her gun and pulled it on that guy. He got the hell out of there.

It's scary though that people are so twisted and do crap like this. My heart goes out to those families-and prayers too for healing. My heart breaks for the mom of that 9 year old girl. that guy is a shit head! Ugh. It's infuriating.

Big hugs.

Maggie May said...

praying for all those families.

Amanda said...

It shook Tucson pretty hard. I can say that, hopefully, it has held up a mirror to the country. Exposed how badly hate has consumed things. Maybe things will change a bit now, if only a little bit. We have A LOT of changing to do as a country. I'm just so tired of the violence and venom. And what makes it harder is I feel hateful of the people that fueled this mans fire. But I know my hate will solve nothing. I have to find ways work through it and contribute productive words and actions. Not debate with hate, as I've been seeing all too often.

Thanks for your comments and prayers. We all appreciate it down here. Much love to both of you (and everybody else as well)!

Eva said...

How disturbing and sad.

beca said...

it shook the Tucsonians here pretty hard too. I couldn't stop crying at work. What a sad, sad day.
Stay safe, lovely, our hearts are right there with you.

No Model Lady said...

This was so senseless and tragic. It makes me worry about the state of humanity as well.

Juli said...

So, so sad. I'm really scared to see where this country will be headed in the years to come. It's not really the place I feel comfortable raising a family. I am praying that Mrs. Giffords comes out of this OK. She seemed to be a truly eloquent and truthful speaker and a real bright light out there in the sea of self centered politicians. Thoughts are with you guys...

elb said...

It's true: We are not free.
It's also true that we need Giffords. She was out doing what she was supposed to be doing--meeting with people she represents, finding out how to better serve them.

But you should watch what John Stewart had to say about this all. I think it was important, that even though our rhetoric is messed up currently, we can't prevent "crazy."

Having gone to high school with the shooter, it just makes me wish that someone, anyone I knew--including myself-- would have been able to reach out to him and make things be different. But I'm left wondering if even the best, most inclusive community could prevent something like this.

Regardless, prayer is what we need, from believers and nonbelievers, too. The hate all around just needs to end.