Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6- Chili con no carne

The cold weather has been inspiring me to make simple yet hearty meals. I want something that's going to stick to my insides. Something that makes me not want to turn on the heater and definitely make me curl up like a feline and drift off to a happy place of 30 Rock reruns and socks that can at least give the illusion of warming up my feet (seriously, nothing can keep them warm!). So today I got a craving for a bowl of chili...

The recipe I used was a variation of a variation of this one.

I used Earth Balance butter and Tofutti sour cream. I left out any cheese and used some Soyrizo to add some "meat" to it.

It's incredibly easy to make and absolutely hits the spot. Since Rebecca posted this recipe we've made the original dish countless times and it was fun to put a vegan spin on it!

This batch was actually a tad spicier than normal, I'm sure due the soyrizo, but it was still awesome!

Jack thought it was pretty good. He even brought his bowl to the counter after he was done and said "thank you momma!" I almost died.

And Greg...well...

There WAS chili in that bowl. However, it was quickly scooped up in some bread hovercraft. It was easy to load the dishwasher tonight.



flyrish said...

Yum! Thanks for the reminder that I want to get myself a new crockpot and make some veggie chili soon.

Chelsea said...

That looks super yummy!

jack is a stud.

Molly said...

Your "illusion of warm feet" comment cracked me up. I took off wool socks last night to find frigid toes? WTH???? How does that even happen?