Friday, November 5, 2010

Resolutions and links and thanks, oh my!

After my post yesterday and after your lovely, supportive comments I've decided to "go for it." Sometimes even when the urge is great inside me it still takes somebody saying "DO IT YOU FOOL" to get me going. Perhaps it was all those years on the swim team. Standing on that springboard, legs quaking underneath me with the anticipation and nervousness that accompanied every race. Shoulders becoming limp while my back became a piano string and then BOOM and cold and my heart beat pulsing out of my ears and then...blankness, serenity. Free. It's been a long time since any sort of organized athleticism but I won't let it be long when it comes to my poetic aspirations. So thank you for hitting the buzzer and setting me loose.

That being said, I decided I'd take on a little challenge. Awhile back I was given free reign at Barnes and Noble for Mother's Day. I picked up a couple books and movies and among them this. I am going to read through it and educate myself more. It's a pretty thick book but I'm excited. I may even start a segment where I post my favorite poem of the week along with what I may or may not be working on.

So there's that.

Since it's Friday I guess I'll pour some links on this-
An adorable clutch.
I'm kind of getting in the Christmas mood after seeing all of these.
Thinking about getting this for under our dining room table. And I do like this for the living room.
Prints for owl lovers and kids rooms.
Passion Pit is making me perkier and perkier.
Still having fashion week withdrawals? Rebecca is doing a weekly Good Wear Days segment and giving away some ultra chic prizes for the winning participant. As if checking out what that amazing writer/fashion maven is wearing isn't prize enough. I'll be posting a few here and there when I can find the time and outfits for it. You should too!

And that's all I've got for now. This Sunday I'm attending Tucson's annual All Souls Procession and am super excited for the event. Hopefully I'll get some decent pictures to post later.

Have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend!


Molly said...

Yay for you for "going for it!" If we're lucky enough to get to read the poetry you write I'm excited to cheer you on.

Eva said...

I like your blog, I like your style. I'm your newest follower :)