Thursday, November 11, 2010

A post that resembles Nick Nolte's mug shot

This last weekend was a doozy and I'm still recovering. In the last year or so I took my previous habit of being a hopeless hermit and revamped it into being quasi-social, if only for the exercise (my prime time television and comfort food having ways were catching up to me). And this weekend proved what happens when you say yes to everybody and don't consider logistics or sleep. Saturday we took Jack out and ran errands and Saturday night I met up with a couple friends and went to bed at 4 (I have to drive half an hour each way so it would have been 3) and woke up at 6 to greet Jack and get him and myself ready to go see the in-laws at 10 for brunch. This lasted until about 2:30. We went home and I changed for a dinner and a meeting of my friend's grandmother at 4. She lives about an hour away so as soon as I was ready I ran out of the door to get to my destination on time (I don't like being late for grandmothers, especially such adorable Polish ones). In my haste I did something I've only done maybe twice since I've been able, and legal, to drive- I took the freeway.
I'm petrified of driving on the freeway. All these years I've taken the roads through the city, adding on the minutes, leaving early all because I thought I was avoiding a big metallic death. I have to hunker down in the car and divert my attention when being a passenger. And if Greg stays on the side of a semi too long I freak out. So I don't know what got into me Saturday evening that made me say "you know what, lets do this!" I think it was exhaustion. But it was a small triumph nonetheless, even if my arms did turn into jelly while my knuckles went white over the passing trucks.

Amanda 3.0- Can now cook and drive on the freeway. Fully loaded adult action!

I digress.

Just as soon as dinner was over I ran back across town to pick up Jack to take him to the All Souls Procession. I had decided to give Greg the night off to play video games or nap or watch octopus documentaries, whatever it is he finds fun while I'm gone and what I call "NERD ALERT" when I come back. I also wanted Jack and I to have a bonding experience. He's usually such a daddy's boy and I was getting a little miffed at the "bitch please" glances he's been shooting me lately. I dread the teen years.
We had fun, at first. Walking around, eating empanadas and taking in the parade. Until the hour mark. Jack was getting tired and I ended up having to hold him and the bag stocked with situational necessities that weighed as much as Jack did. So I was walking around in somewhat heeled boots and 60lbs of toddler and toddler paraphernalia. It was fine for the first 30 minutes and then when the hour and a half mark flew by and when my arms felt like stretched out balloons that had been mauled by fire ants I knew it was time to go. I got home around 9:30 and woke up to Monday.
I'm tired and sore and I haven't had time to write like I've wanted. And that's why I haven't posted in the last few days.

Anway, another friend of mine did one of those 25 random things about yourself posts on Facebook and tagged me and I decided I'd do that here since I see some new readers (thanks for following by the way! Welcome! I'm happy to see some new faces). Without further adieu, here's 25 Random Things About Me (that you probably don't care for but are reading anyway because like me, you just don't know why. You just don't know why...)

1. I'm almost always early. By about 15 minutes.
2. I don't miss high school but I miss ditching it. Taking the city bus with my best friend, eating at Grill downtown, writing and listening to music in our escape dens (whoever's boyfriend was hosting). Autumn days like this make me miss it in particular. Or maybe I miss the feeling of feeling invincible.
3. I could eat spaghetti every night and probably not get sick of it.
4. If I could dress like Jim Morrison and Zooey Deschanel had a love child everyday, I would.
5. I'm on the hunt for a gramophone.
6. If I had to declare it, gun to my head- The Rolling Stones>The Beatles (sorry Uncle Rick). But David Bowie>Everything.
7. My grandmother claims we are related to Leif Ericsson and that Ronald Reagan asked out my great-grandmother. She (my great-grandmother) worked in radio (I've also gotten stories about Sinatra and Jerry Lee Lewis making passes at her) at a time when such things were unheard of for a woman. She was brassy and classy and I wish we would have had more time together (she passed when I was very young, I think when I was an infant, she used to call me "Butch").
8. I'm eating chili for breakfast right now. I never want breakfast foods in the morning, I usually crave them at lunch though. It would not be uncommon to find me eating last nights dinner for breakfast and eggs and pancakes for dinner.
9. Things I Don't Care For- Driving on the freeway (still), summer weather, excessive tanning, too much makeup, using "like" as a punctuation mark in conversation (I noticed Kat Von D does this excessively and I think I'm going to turn it into a drinking game next time I watch LA Ink), dieting (I think they're stupid and if I ever use the term "diet" I mean I'm going to cut back on the amount of food I eat and not place stringent rules upon myself), people not using their blinkers and when people think text lingo is perfectly okay to use outside of texting.
10. I have girl crushes on- Milla Jovovich, Christina Ricci, Natalie Portman, Christina Hendricks (who doesn't?) and Maggie Gyllenhaal.
11. Wanna know if I like you? You will if I burn you a c.d.
12. Sometimes I think leggings are perfectly acceptable pants (just make sure they're thick and you're wearing a shirt that covers your bum).
13. I have IBS. It's a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it helps me avoid bad food and a curse because an IBS flare up literally leaves me unable to move and breathe deeply with intense cramps all throughout my midsection. I had to have CT scan once before I knew it was IBS because I thought something was very wrong with me (at one point I was certain my appendix burst).
14. I miss living downtown and our evening walks to Epic Cafe to get the best desserts ever (vegan pistachio pie is AMAZING) with Jack.
15. Odd Jobs I Think About Having- Opening up a laundromat with a stage so bands could play, a food area and wifi, a women's sexuality class instructor (to get women to feel comfortable and celebrate themselves), a baby music class instructor (who wouldn't want their 3 year old to learn Pixies songs on the bass?!), an actor in stage plays (I miss it), opening a piano bar (piano players are hot).
16. I'm a VERY emotional person. I cry at everything. EVVERYTHIIING.
17. I have worn mascara all of three times in my life (give or take). I hate it.
18. I think I won over my father-in-law by finding a word for him that he was drawing a blank on in conversation. That word- didgeridoo.
19. I would move to Seattle today if I could afford it....
20. But a part of me thinks I'd miss Tucson too much.
21. I am agnostic.
22. I hate washing my hair. I try to do it only twice a week (it's good for your hair to skip washes) and if I have to do it more than that I feel like it's going to fall out, get all crispy and die.
23. I'm pretty bummed we don't have a dog or a cat right now.
24. I'm obsessed with vacuuming and it's spreading to Jack now as he follows me around the house while I get my "clean fix" with his own vacuum. This is his vacuum-

25. I'm very close friends with my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend. She wanted to tear us apart when we were together and I hated her for all the history she held between the two of them. Once we broke up and after they broke up (they got back together after we broke up) we became friends and very good ones at that (her grandmother was the one I met this weekend). We're all good friends and none of us harbor any past resentments and I'm happy that we were adult enough to do that since their friendships enrich my life very much. Still, some people don't quite "get it". This could be a post for another day...

26. If you read through this entire post I love you. I really do.

Until next time...


Awesome Alicia said...

bravo for driving on the freeway! I'm terrified of being next to semis but also go crazy when I'm not on the freeway. I hate stop & go traffic and not being able to maneuver around slow cars easily. so I speed so I can get by semis quicker - I figure if I ever get pulled over, I'm just going to tell the cop that semis scare me & speeding past them is safer for everyone.

Chelsea said...

I can't stand how maggie gylenhal always has her saggy boobs out in movies. She's a great actor, but i'm sick of seeing her naked..... I had comments for just about everything on the list, but decided to talk about her boobs. sorry. rant is over
I like this list of things.

I alos hate when people don't use their blinkers.

Juli said...

I second the vacuuming obsession, Milla Jovovich and Christina Hendricks, and crying at everything. (I cry at commercials a lot). I also have Crohn's Disease so I feel your pain on the IBS. It sucks!