Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Dreams May Come- Episode II

The last time I posted one of these, I found myself pretty amused by the way my dreams tend to play out.

Here's a real life, early morning conversation-

Me: I had a dream I had a pet baby dinosaur and he could kind of talk.
Greg: Really? What kind of dinosaur?
Me: Like a T.Rex hybrid or something.
Greg: What did he say?
Me: Well, he was sleeping in my bed, like a dog*, and then he was all "go potty!" So I let him outside. It was kind of cool. A dinosaur pet that is potty trained...
Greg: Maybe he represented Jack?
Me: Nah, because after he did his dino business in the yard, he climbed the neighbors fence and chased their cat.......maybe it DID represent Jack...

* I like how I specified that the dinosaur was sleeping in my bed, like a dog, in the event that one might assume I was having relations with a dinosaur. I can't go about my business knowing people may be thinking I fornicate with prehistoric creatures. I can't rest on that.


Katy said...

haha! love this. too funny. i have been having crazy dreams, and nightmares lately. good to know I'm not the only one! hehehehe!

Molly said...

For the record it never crossed my mind that you might be fornicating with prehistoric creatures. ;)