Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Fixation- Outfit part deux (errand boogaloo)

I figured it was about that time again. I've been doing my share of online surfing/wishing. This outfit I based on errand running or play dating or museum hopping, whatever you're filling your day with really. I'm a firm believer in style and substance. Things can be comfortable AND cute. So-

I'm starting this off with a tank. It's still crazy hot here so I need access to air at all times. Fact- Living in Arizona my whole life has made me a quasi-nudist. The second I get through the door (given that I have nothing else to do that day) shoes go flying, bra comes off and everything else is shed leaving as little clothes as I can get away with without scaring my son for life. Desperate temperatures call for desperate measures. Anyway-

A cardigan for those of you who have more desirable weather.

Jeans, since I'm trying not to be a tights con dress one trick pony.


A pretty damn cute necklace.

And a bag to lug all that "stuff", to use my husband's term. Except it's not just "stuff" anymore once your wallet, keys and cell phone go in there is it hun? And when Jack needs something it's not just magic how the right "stuff" just comes out like I'm Mary Poppins is it dear?


Now show them how picking up a gallon of milk is done!

If this outfit were a song-

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Chelsea said...

those shoes, that sweater, that necklace, that bag....drooollllll.

so cute